The Export/Import Certificate (EIC) provides comprehensive and practical knowledge on how to conduct export/import transactions and manage an international business. This programme covers a wide range of subjects on international business transactions and contracts, export and import finance and security devices, international logistics, shipping and sourcing. This easy-to-understand online certification programme is a detailed reference for any experienced practitioner.

Number of teaching lessons : 5 Core Courses Duration : 21 hours (5 courses x 4 hours, plus 1 hour exam)
Level : Language: English
Credit category :

International trade professionals:

  • Export and import managers
  • Trade finance bankers
  • Forwarders and carriers
  • Customs brokers
  • Private and government inspectors and auditors
  • Insurance providers
  • Trade lawyers and trade promotion executives

Our final exam consists of a 60-minute examination which is live proctored via the internet.  The passing grade is 70% minimum. Upon passing the examination, learners will be issued an accredited certificate for the program. Learners can then use the “EIC” designation.

The individual e-learning courses can be purchased separately, however they will not qualify you for the certification programme. To pass the examination and attain the certification, you will need to purchase the full certification programme.

Introduction to the international trade landscape and the core practices, procedures and documents required in any international merchandise transaction including the ICC Incoterms® Rules. Learn the important role played in global trade by organisations such as The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law and the World Trade Organisation

International business transactions can involve distant, unfamiliar parties who speak different languages and are accustomed to different commercial practices and legal procedures. This course will look at the differences between the world’s various legal systems and help you strategically manage legal and contractual risks and avoid time consuming and expensive international disputes

Exporters and importers have very different interests when it comes to the payment methods and terms used in an international transaction. It is, therefore, crucial to be able to distinguish between the various instruments and solutions available. This course will give you a broad overview of those instruments, including the widely used Documentary Credit (also known as “letter of credit”) and the international rules that govern it. 

The choice of international transport method has a direct impact on price, speed of delivery and the risk of loss or damage. A clear understanding of each of the primary modes of international transport and their commercial practices is crucial to better appreciate the complexities of global trade.

Learn how to successfully adapt a strategy to enter foreign markets, and how businesses fail due to miscommunication arising from cultural differences. Develop an understanding of the evolving nature of fair trade in today’s global marketplace. Discover how the integration of information and communication technologies (ICTs) into business operations is creating new opportunities (and challenges) for global companies

GUILLERMO C. JIMENEZ: Professor, International Trade and Marketing at FIT;

Author, of “ICC Guide to Export/Import - Global Standards for International Trade.

Guillermo C. Jimenez is a leading global expert in the field of export/import law and international business practices and the author of “ICC Guide to Export/Import – Global Standards for International Trade “ (4th Edition, ICC Publishing, 2012), as well as other books on legal and business topics. As Head of Division at ICC’s Paris Headquarters from 1990 to 1998, he coordinated work on key ICC instruments and trade tools and has lectured on international business in over 35 countries and before a number of intergovernmental organizations, including the United Nations, European Commission and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Guillermo currently holds teaching appointments at SUNY, NYU, Brooklyn Law School, Iona College, and the International School of Management (Paris). A graduate of Harvard University (B.A.) and the University of California-Berkeley (J.D.), Guillermo C. Jimenez has got more than 30 years’ experience in international business, law and policy."

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