ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin 2021 - Issue 1

No. E21BUL1

ISBN : 978-92-842-0584-4

The ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin includes sections on Doctrine, Case Decisions (Awards, Procedural Orders), Global Developments, ICC Activities, Book Reviews and ICC Dispute Resolution Practice and Procedure. The editorial board for the Bulletin is comprised of 20 arbitration and dispute resolution specialists from all parts of the world. The eBulletin is published three times a year.  

Issue 1 - 2021 of the ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin

  • Message from the President of the ICC International Court of Arbitration 
  • In Memoriam Philippe Kahn, Counselor Dr Borhan T. Amrallah, Professor Gabriel Olawoyin SAN, Samir Saleh, Mohamed Mernissi 
  • Global Developments: News from Kenya, Canada, Hong Kong, Austria, France, Germany, United Kingdom 
  • Commentary: The three winning papers of the 2020 Nappert Prize: "The Role of the Seat in Smart Contract Disputes", "The Erosion of Commercial Law as a Consequence of Arbitration: Fact or Fiction?", "El Medioambiante y el Arbitraje de Inversión: Estado Actual y Propuestas de Reforma para una Mejor Gestión de las Disputas"
  • ICC Practice and Procedure: Launch of the 2021 Rules of Arbitration 
  • ICC Commission Reports: Questionnaires submitted to ICC National Committees for Feedback on Local Updates and Practices
  • ICC Activities: ICC YAF: "What Makes A Great Arbitration Law" 18th ICC Miami Conference QMUL/PwC Study on Damages in International Arbitration (ICC Awards), Webinar on International construction disputes in Romania, AAA-ICC-ICSID 36th Joint Colloquium on International Arbitration
  • Book Reviews: Latest ICC Institute Dossier: "Explaining Why You Lost: Reasoning in Arbitration"

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Code ISBN : 978-92-842-0584-4
Number of pages : 122
Publishing date : 2021
Language : English
Format in cm : 21*29.7


Message from the President, Alexis Mourre

Welcome from the Editors-in-Chief, Samaa Haridi and Julien Fouret

In Memoriam Philippe Kahn, Charles Jarrosson

In Memoriam Counselor Dr Borhan T. Amrallah, Mohamed S. Abdel Wahab

In Memoriam Professor Gabriel Olawoyin, SAN, Doyin Rhodes-Vivour SAN, CArb.

In Memoriam Samir Saleh, Dr Nayla Comair-Obeid

In Memoriam Professor Mohamed Mernissi, Sami Houerbi



Kenya: Supreme Court Allows Limited Appeal from High Court Decisions, Ndanga Kamau


Canada: Uber Technologies Inc. v Heller: Supreme Court preserves competence-competence, Pierre Bienvenu, Ad.E. and Alison FitzGerald


Hong Kong: Additional Awards under S. 69 of the Arbitration Ordinance, Tin Yan Lee


Austria: Standards for Reasoning in Arbitral Awards, Gerold Zeiler, Alexander Zojer

France: The Right to Raise New Arguments on Jurisdiction in Annulment Proceedings, Simon Batifort and Marie-Claire Argac

France: The Subway Saga: Arbitration and Franchise Agreements, Shaparak Saleh

Germany: Does the CISG Apply to Arbitration Agreements?, Dr. Nadja Harraschain and Anna Masser

United Kingdom: Halliburton Company v. Chubb Bermuda Insurance Ltd: Failure to Disclose but No Bias, Samantha J. Rowe and Georgina Petrova


Introducing the Nappert Prize, 2020 Edition, Fabien Gélinas

The Role of the Seat in Smart Contract Disputes, Diana Itzel Santana Galindo

The Erosion of Commercial Law as a Consequence of Arbitration: Fact or Fiction?, Cara North

El Medioambiente y el Arbitraje de Inversión: Estado Actual y Propuestas de Reforma para una Mejor Gestión de las Disputas, Juan Felipe Coy Gómez


Launch of the ICC 2021 Rules of Arbitration, Vladi Hennessee and Stella Leptourgou

ICC commission reports

Questionnaires submitted to ICC National Committees for Feedback on Local Updates and Practices


ICC YAF: ‘What makes a great arbitration law?’, Maria Hauser-Morel

ICC 18th Miami Conference, Cristina Martinetti, Lucía Olavarría, Berardino Di Vecchia Neto, Verónica Sandler, Sandra González, María Inés Corrá, Jazmin Escalante, Grant Hanessian, Ishaan Madaan

QMUL/PwC Study on Damages in International Arbitration, CJW (Jaap) Baaij

Dispute Resolution in the International Construction Sector: ICC Experience and Romanian perspective, Cristiana I. Stoica

AAA-ICC-ICSID 36th Joint Colloquium on International Arbitration, Suzanne Ulicny


ICC Institute Dossiers XVIII: Reasoning in Arbitration, Olivier Monange


Co-editors in-chief 

Julien Fouret 

Samaa Haridi 

Editorial board members 

Othmane Saadani 

Cecilia Azar 

Chiann Bao 

Utku Cosar 

Valeria Galindez 

Rémy Gerbay 

Daniel Kalderimis 

Tejas Karia 

Swee Yen Koh 

Yasmine Lahlou 

Reza Mohtashami 

Sara Nadeau-Séguin 

Ziad Obeid 

Ucheora Onwuamaegbu 

Damaso Riaño 

Sabina Sacco 

Galina Zukova 

Alberto Zuleta