CDTS - Certificate in Digital Trade Strategy

This online certification will give you a complete, end-to-end understanding of what is needed to digitise your trade and supply chain processes. Make well-informed business decisions and create coherent strategies for digital trade.

Number of teaching lessons : 5 Lessons Duration : 5+ hours
Level : Language: English
Credit category :

Shippers and Carriers: Heads of Trade, Heads of Strategy, Heads of Sales Operations, Heads of Logistics, Enterprise Architects, Solution Architects, Chief Digital Officers

FinTechs: Heads of Technology, Chief Product Officers, Architects, Developers Banks Heads of Trade, Head of Risk and Compliance

Policy Makers:  Heads of Trade Policy, Digital Trade Policy Leads"

Our final exam consists of a 60-minute examination which is live proctored via the internet.  The passing grade is 70% minimum. Upon passing the examination, learners will be issued an accredited certificate for the program. You can then use the “CDTS” designation. 

  1. Module 1 — The architecture of international trade and supply chains
  2. Module 2 — Critical challenges associated with digitising trade and trade finance
  3. Module 3 — The making of an enabling legal environment for digital trade
  4. Module 4 — Exchanging trade and supply chain data in a trusted environment
  5. Module 5 — Interoperability frameworks — putting it together

This unique online certification brings together insights from a well curated panel of more than 20 industry champions, legal experts, innovative trailblazers and public policy officials to ensure you have a holistic understanding of each component of your trade and supply chains.

The authors are:

Oswald Kuyler, MonetaGo;
Hannah Nguyen, ICC DSI;
Emmanuelle Ganne, WTO;
Erick Tavares, Vale International;
Anesan Naidoo, Anglo American;
Martijn Thijsen, Port of Rotterdam;
Tat Yeen Yap' MonetaGo;
Hans Huber,;
Alisa DiCaprio, R3;
Louise Taylor-Digby, SWIFT;
Merlin Dowse, JP Morgan;
Raoul Renard, Attorney & Former Deputy Director, Legal Reform, ICC DSI
Stephan Wolf, GLEIF;
Jaco Voorspuij, GS1;
Thierry Grumiaux, GS1;
Niels Nuyens, DCSA;
Grant Hunter, BIMCO;
Stephane Graber, FIATA;
André Casterman, Casterman Advisory & ITFA;
Kay Ren Yuh, IMDA;
André Simha, MSC

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