ICC Dispute Resolution Library

Containing over 7,500 documents, the ICC Dispute Resolution Library is a key resource for international businesses, legal practitioners, and academic institutions that grants access to the ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin, ICC arbitral awards, ICC Institute Dossiers, ICC Commission Reports, the ICC Enforcement Guide, the Secretariat’s Guide to ICC Arbitration, ICC Model Contracts, and special publications. 

The Dispute Resolution Library is now hosted by Jus Mundi. ICC materials are now interactive thanks to Jus Mundi’s artificial intelligence-backed features, which allow professionals to browse a range of resources quickly and efficiently — including metadata on rules and people, a table of contents and content filtering options.

The DRL contains extracts from Awards rendered by ICC arbitral tribunals, Articles providing comment and analysis on law and practice, ICC reference documents including the annual Statistical Report on ICC arbitration, Commission Reports offering guidelines and discussion on procedural and substantive issues, Secretariat Notes elucidating ICC rules and practices, and news of interest to users of ICC dispute resolution.

The Supplements to the ICC International Court of Arbitration Bulletin are special annual issues devoted to a specific topic. They contain Articles dealing with various aspects of the topic. Some Supplements also contain extracts from Awards rendered by ICC arbitral tribunals and Commission Reports.

The ICC Dispute Resolution library also contains the complete collection of ICC Dispute Resolution Rules in one searchable location. Each set of rules defines a distinct procedure, designed to answer a specific need within the international business world. The rules included are:

  • ICC Rules on Arbitration
  • ICC Rules for A Pre-Arbitral Referee Procedure
  • Appointing Authority Rules
  • ICC ADR (Amicable Dispute Resolution)
  • ICC Dispute Boards Rules
  • ICC Rules for Expertise
  • DOCDEX Rules

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