ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin 2024-1

No. E24BUL-1

ISBN : 978-92-842-0671-1

Message from Claudia Salomon, President of the ICC International Court of Arbitration

Global Developments New legislation and decisions in the US, Azerbaijan, China, India, Israel, Ukraine, the UK and UAE.

Case Decisions Emergency Arbitrator Proceedings under the ICC Rules – An Update

ICC Commission reports Navigating the ESG Labyrinth – What Roles will Arbitration and ADR Play?

ICC DRS Activities ICC-FIDIC joint conference; ICC Institute SME Lab on construction contracts and ICC construction arbitration training; 21st ICC Miami Conference on international arbitration; Belt and Road High Level Dialogue on how to promote further development of the BRI; 12th ITA-IEL-ICC international energy arbitration conference, ICC DRS Africa Business Talks and ICC YAAF during ICC South African arbitration and ADR days; and the annual ICC Mediation Roundtable on the future of mediation.  

Book Reviews ICC Institute Dossiers XX and XXI on rethinking the paradigm in international arbitration and the new contents of international public policy; and ‘The Technological Competence of Arbitrators’ 

Code ISBN : 978-92-842-0671-1
Number of pages : 176
Publishing date : 2024
Language : English


Claudia Salomon
Message from the President

Julien Fouret and Yasmine Lahlou
Welcome from the Editors-in-Chief

Yves Derains
In Memoriam Ibrahim Fadlallah (1942-2024)

Anne-Marie Whitesell and Louis Epstein
In Memoriam Gerald ‘Jerry’ Aksen (1930-2024)

Shashank Gang
In Memoriam Fali S. Nariman (1929-2024)


Andrew Poplinger and Thomas Hildebrand
United States Two Recent New York Federal Court Decisions Highlight the Federal Circuit Split on Whether the McCarren-Ferguson Act Allows State Insurance Laws to Override the New York Convention

Kamalia Mehtiyeva
Azerbaijan New Arbitration Law: Can the Spring Rise Higher than the Source?

Fredrik Lindmark and Mengdi Zhou
China Court Confirms ‘Seat Standard’ and IBA Guidelines/Rules in Setting Aside Proceedings

Shivani Singhal
India Supreme Court Upholds the Validity of the Group of Companies Doctrine but Sets a High Threshold for its Application

Sheila Ahuja, Arun Mal and Aashna Agarwal
India Supreme Court Resolves a Long-Running Debate over the Enforceability of Arbitration Agreements Contained in Unstamped Contracts

Samantha Nataf and Asaf Niemoj
Israel Adoption of the New International Commercial Arbitration Law based on the UNCITRAL Model Law

Oleksii Maslov and Illia Ivanusa
Ukraine BPP v Grain Power—Supreme Court Tackles Outdated Restriction of Subjective Arbitrability and Effect of Arbitration Agreements on Third Parties

Rajesh Pillai KC and Anca Bunda
United Kingdom Nigeria v P&ID—Must the Court Safeguard the Rule of Law in Arbitrations?

Nayiri Boghossian
United Arab Emirates A Five-Year Round Up since the Promulgation of the 2018 Arbitration Law


Sébastien Besson
Emergency Arbitrator Proceedings under the ICC Rules —An Update



Angeline Welsh KC
Navigating the ESG Labyrinth—What Role Will Arbitration and ADR Play?


Yann Schneller and Monica Labelle
ICC - FIDIC Conference on International Construction Contracts and Dispute Resolution

ICC Institute SME Lab on International Construction Contracts and the ICC Construction Arbitration Training

Sybille de Rosny-Schwebel and Valentina Riccardi
ICC Institute SME Lab on International Contracts: ‘A Practical Guide for SMEs on Avoiding Risk in Construction Contracts’

Dr. Ileana M. Smeureanu and Alina Leoveanu
ICC Construction Arbitration Training

Verónica Esquivel Patiño, Belén Moreno, Gustavo Santos Kulesza, Ricardo Ampuero Llerena, Karina Goldberg, Ana María Rincón, Erick Clavel, Eugenie Rogers, Alegría Jijón
21st Miami Conference on International Arbitration—Beyond Year 100: Arbitration, ADR and Latin America

Ran Zhang and Dr Anran Zhang
6th Belt and Road High-Level Dialogue: International Arbitration to Promote

Further Development of the BRI

Lisa Wang Lachowicz and Julio Rivera Ríos
12th ITA-IEL-ICC Joint Conference on International Energy Arbitration

Diamana Diawara, Mélanie Laloum, Rohitesh Dhawan, Justin Perrettson, Chloé de Jager
2nd ICC South African Arbitration and ADR Days: ICC DRS Africa Business Talks (Ep. 6) and ICC YAAF

Gillian Carmichael Lemaire
11th ICC Mediation Roundtable: The Future of Mediation


Prof. Giacomo Rojas Elgueta
Rethinking International Arbitration Proceedings towards more Efficient, Cost-Effective, and Accessible Proceedings

Dr Guillaume Aréou
Contents of International Public Policy through the Prism of Environment and Human Rights: Legal History and Practical Insights

Colleen Parker Bacquet
What, Why, Who, Where, When: An Answer to the Five W’s of Technological Competence in Arbitration


Julien Fouret
Yasmine Lahlou


Claudia Salomon
Yasmine Lahlou
Yves Derains
Anne-Marie Whitesell
Louis Epstein
Shashank Gang
Drew Poplinger
Thomas Hildebrand
Kamalia Mehtiyeva
Fredrik Lindmark
Mengdi Zhou
Shivani Singhal
Sheila Ahuja
Arun Mal
Aashna Agarwal
Oleksii Maslov
Illia Ivanusa
Samantha Nataf
Asaf Niemoj
Rajesh Pillai KC
Anca Bunda
Nayiri Boghossian
Sébastien Besson
Angeline Welsh
Yann Schneller
Monica Labelle
Dr. Ileana Smeureanu
Alina Leovanu
Sybille de Rosny-Schwebel
Valentina Riccardi
Verónica Esquivel Patiño
Belén Moreno
Gustavo Santos Kulesza
Ricardo Ampuero Llerena
Karina Goldberg
Ana María Rincón
Erick Clavel
Eugenie Rogers
Alegría Jijón
Dr. Anran Zhang
Ran Zhang
Julio Rivera Rios
Lisa Wang Lachowicz
Diamana Diawara
Mélanie Laloum
Rohitesh Dhawan
Justin Perrettson
Chloé de Jager
Gillian Carmichael Lemaire
Giacomo Rojas Elgueta
Guillaume Aérou
Colleen Parker