ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin 2023-2

No. E23BUL-2

ISBN : 978-92-842-0642-1

Message from Claudia Salomon, President of the ICC International Court of Arbitration

ICC Court Centenary: ICC Centenary Declaration on Dispute Prevention and Resolution

Global Developments: Decisions from France and Kuwait; New legislation in Hong Kong and Greece

Commentary: ‘Harmonising Judicial Approaches to Determining the Law of the Arbitration Agreement’; ‘The Law Applicable to the Arbitrability of Registered Intellectual Property Rights’ (Nappert Prize 2022 - first place)

Practice and Procedure: ‘Recoverability of In-House Counsel Costs before ICC Arbitral Tribunals’

ICC DRS Activities: 20th ICC Miami Conference; 5th Belt and Road High-level Dialogue; Expedited Procedures, Practical and Comparative Considerations; 37th SIA-ICC Joint Symposium of Arbitrators: Tribunal Deliberations and Award Drafting

Book Reviews: ‘International Arbitration in Times of Economic Nationalism’; ‘International Arbitration and Technology’


Code ISBN : 978-92-842-0642-1
Number of pages : 89
Publishing date : 2023
Language : English

Claudia Salomon
Message from the President

Julien Fouret and Yasmine Lahlou
Welcome from the Editors-in-Chief

Patricia Shaughnessy, Patrizia Netal
In Memoriam Professor Eric E. Bergsten

Carita Wallgren-Lindholm
In Memoriam Bengt Broms

Hon. Juge Babak Barin, Pierre Bienvenu, Ad. E., Stephen Drymer, Hon. Juge Marie-Claude Rigaud, Hon. Juge Renée Thériault
In Memoriam Honourable Marc Lalonde

Global Developments                                       

Prof. Paul Idornigie, SAN, C.Arb, Funmi Roberts, C.Arb, Isaiah Bozimo, C.Arb
Nigeria: Arbitration and Mediation Act 2023: Transforming Dispute
Resolution and Enhancing International Competitiveness

Eric Lenier Ives
United States: Eleventh Circuit Joins Majority Approach of U.S. Circuits:
FAA Grounds Apply for Vacatur Instead of New York Convention’s Grounds
for Non-Enforcement

Ciccu Mukhopadhaya, Swapnil Gupta
India: Bar Council Formulates New Rules Allowing Foreign Lawyers to Practice
in India

Professor Louis Thibierge
France: Can ‘Monsieur Jourdain’ Act as Amiable Compositeur Unwittingly?

Michele Sabatini, Gregorio Baldoli
Italy: Recent Overhaul of the Arbitration Law

Fabrice Robert-Tissot
Switzerland: Requirements for Revision (Art. 190a (1) lit. a and b PILA) and
Interpretation of the Waiver of the Right to ‘Appeal’ (Art. 192 PILA)

Prof. Dr. Ziya Akıncı
Türkiye: Supreme Court Confirms In Favorem Validitatis Approach

Practice and Procedure                           

Ashleigh Brocchieri,  Ulrich Kopetzki
Top 10 Services Provided by the ICC Court and Secretariat


Dr. Constance Castres Saint-Martin et Yassine Alaoui
Les vertus de la langue en arbitrage international

Case Decisions                                              

Stephan Adell
ICC x Jus Mundi Partnership: An Effective Tool on the Study of the Latest
ICC Awards

ICC DRS Activities                                    

Angela Herberholz
10th ICC Mediation Roundtable for Professionals

Dr Dania Fahs, Rana Kahwagi
11th ICC MENA Conference on International Arbitration:
Rethinking Dispute Resolution in an Ever-Changing World

Iuliana Iancu
7th ICC European Conference: Rethinking Dispute Resolution

Morgane Guyonnet, Masataka Sato
1st ICC Tokyo Arbitration Day

Karim Zein
ICC YAAF: From Administrative Secretary to Arbitrator

Book Reviews

Charis Tan, Marcus Liew
The Transformative Power of Technology in the Legal Field:
A Visionary Perspective

Leyou Tameru
Third Party Funding in International Arbitration: Prioritising Access to Justice

N. Kansu Okyay
Seeking Clarity in Murky Waters of Asymmetric Jurisdiction Clauses


Julien Fouret

Yasmine Lahlou


Julien Fouret

Yasmine Lahlou

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Stavros Brekoulakis

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Yassine Alaoui

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Isaiah Bozimo, C.Arb

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Constance Castres Saint Martin

Dania Fahs

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Eric Lenier Ives

Ciccu Mukhopadhaya

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Funmi Roberts, C.Arb

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