2017 ICC Dispute Resolution Statistics

No. 18BUL2

ISBN : 978-92-842-0516-5

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has published a full statistical report, offering an in-depth breakdown of the numbers behind the record growth of ICC Arbitration for 2017. 

The annual report provides an overview of the cases administered by the International Court of Arbitration and the International Centre for ADR. The figures offer insight on:

  • parties: numbers, nationalities, state parties
  • arbitral tribunals: constitution, numbers and nationalities of arbitrators appointed and confirmed, incidents affecting the composition of arbitral tribunals during the proceedings
  • applicable law chosen by the parties,
  • subject and size of disputes
  • places selected as seats of ICC arbitrations
  • awards

Illustrating the record number of countries represented in ICC Arbitration cases for 2017, the figures confirm the ICC International Court of Arbitration’s global reach and leading position for complex, high-value disputes.  This was also reflected in a recent global survey, which confirmed ICC as the preferred arbitral institution worldwide.

This is the first time, the statistical report is available to the public free of charge—in addition to being featured in the latest edition of the  ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin. The Bulletin, which is available via the ICC Digital Library and ICC Store, is led by co-editors Samaa A. Haridi of Hogan Lovells and Julien Fouret of Betto Seraglini. The is a one-of-a-kind publication offers an array of essential material concerning dispute resolution—from reporting on recent decisions and law reforms relating to arbitration in various jurisdictions to in-depth studies on specialised topics to ICC arbitral awards excerpts and more.

To view the report in languages other than English, please visit the Dispute Resolution channel of the ICC Digital Library

Code ISBN : 978-92-842-0516-5
Number of pages : 17
Publishing date : 2018-03-01
Language : English

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