Written Evidence and Discovery in International Arbitration - Institute Dossier VI

No. P698E

ISBN : 978-92-842-0033-7

The DOSSIER VI deals with documentary evidence at the heart of the arbitral process. Arbitrators are increasingly confronted with new challenges, such as requests for E-Discovery, as well as ever more frequent objections to confidentiality and privilege. Document production may also confront arbitrators with difficult issues of fraud and forgery. Further, this DOSSIER VI may aid Arbitral tribunals that have to decide which rules apply to issues such as the evidentiary value of documents or their admissibility.

With the practice of documentary evidence changing, international arbitrators look for transnational solutions capable of executing a proper balance between efficiency and fairness. Transnational instruments such as the IBA Rules on the Taking of Evidence in International Commercial Arbitration may need to evolve to accommodate these new improved approaches and solutions.

This Dossier of the ICC Institute of World Business Law seeks to encourage reflection on future practice in relation to documentary evidence in international arbitration. With the publication of Dossier VI, Written Evidence and Discovery in International Arbitration, the ICC Institute of World Business Law fulfills its dual mission: training and acting as a think-tank for the International Chamber of Commerce particularly in the field of arbitration.

Code ISBN : 978-92-842-0033-7
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Publishing date : 2009
Language : English
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Foreword by Serge Lazareff ...5

Introduction ...7 

Written Evidence and Discovery in International Arbitration by Teresa Giovannini, Co-Editor 


1. Document disclosure, evidentiary value of documents and burden of evidence ...11

by Julian D.M. Lew 

2. Privilege-related issues in international arbitration ...29 

by Guido Santiago Tawil & Ignacio J. Mirorini Lima 

3. State Courts and document production ...57 

by Laurence Shore 


  • NBC v Bear Stearns ...73 
  • Intel Corp v Advanced Micro Devices, Inc ...83 
  • Roz Trading Ltd ...117 
  • Babcock Borsig ...141 
  • Life Receivables Trust ...161 

4. Production of documents and fraud in international arbitration ...177 

by Markus Wirth 

5. Adverse inferences in international arbitration ...195 

by Vera van Houtte 


  • Tribunal Fédéral Suisse, January 9th, 2008 ...221 
  • ICC Award in Case n°8694 ...225 
  • Ontario Superior Court of Justice ...229 
  • Court of Appeal for Ontario ...247 
  • Dongwoo Mann + Hummel Co. Ltd. v Mann + Hummel GmbH ...265 
  • Delhi High Court ...315 

6. Are the IBA Rules perfectible? ...321 

by V.V. Veeder 

7. US-style discovery: good or evil?...339 

by Lucy F. Reed & Ginger Hancock 


  • ICDR Guidelines ...354

8. Massive productions of documents and demonstrative exhibits ...357 

by Bernard Hanotiau 

9. The paper tsunami in international arbitration: problems, risks for the arbitrators' decision making and possible solutions ...365 

by Michael Schneider 

10. Will electronic evidence and e-discovery change the face of arbitration? ...373 

by Carole Malinvaud 

11. Electronic disclosure in international arbitration: the CIArb, protocol for e-disclosure in arbitration ...395 

by David Howell 


12. The ICC task force on the production of electronic documents in arbitration - an overview ...415 

by Loretta Malintoppi 

13. Options for approaching evidentiary privilege in international arbitration ...423 

by Amy F. Cohen 

Concluding remarks ...447 

by Alexis Mourre, Co-Editor 

Indexes ...453 

IBA Rules on the taking of evidence in international commercial arbitration ...455 

CIAarb protocol for e-disclosure in arbitration ...475 

Key-words Index ...481 

Table of cases ...497 

Selected bibliography ...499 

About the authors ...503 

Contributors ...505 

ICC at a glance ...510 


Teresa Giovannini 

Alexis Mourre


Serge Lazareff 

Julian D.M. Lew 

Guido Santiago Tawil 

Ignacio J. Mirorini Lima 

Laurence Shore 

Markus Wirth 

Vera van Houtte 

V.V. Veeder 

Lucy F. Reed 

Ginger Hancock 

Bernard Hanotiau 

Michael Schneider 

Carole Malinvaud 

David Howell 

Loretta Malintoppi 

Amy F. Cohen