The Secretariat's Guide to ICC Arbitration

No. P729E

The Secretariat’s Guide to ICC Arbitration describes and explains the recently revised ICC Rules of Arbitration and how they operate. Written by leading ICC specialists, it provides first-hand information on the practices of the ICC Court and its Secretariat. This book is essential reading for anyone involved in international dispute resolution. 

In addition to offering a detailed, article-by-article commentary on the 2012 Rules, the Guide:

  • Analyses the issues raised by their application at each stage of the proceedings
  • Provides statistics on many aspects of ICC arbitration
  • Lays out a roadmap for ICC arbitration users
  • Gives tips on conducting arbitration proceedings effectively
  • Compares the contents of the 2012 Rules and their predecessor, the 1998 Rules

The authors, present and former senior members of the ICC Secretariat, give an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look into how the Rules work in practice. With this Guide you will be better equipped to navigate through the ICC arbitral process.

This vital tool, indispensable companion to the 2012 Rules, will be helpful whether you are an experienced practitioner or new to arbitration. It is a must-have for anyone seeking a clear and instructive handbook on ICC arbitration: arbitrators, counsel, business executives, government officials, as well as authors, academics and students will find in these pages anything they always wanted to know about ICC arbitration. 

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