Supply Chain Finance Course Bundle (Introduction + Advanced Supply Chain Finance)

Supply chain finance can improve real-time information flow in global trade to boost management efficiency. Through the Supply Chain Finance Bundle, which combines both introductory and advanced level courses, you can discover how various supply chain finance products meet the financing and risk mitigation needs at different stages of the supply chain.

In the Introduction to Supply Chain Finance course, learn to engage effectively and credibly with clients by proposing tailored supply chain finance techniques as potential solutions to suit the interests of imporers and exporters. In addition, explore the nature of supply chain finance relative to traditional trade financing options, such as documentary letters of credit.

In the Advanced Supply Chain Finance course, learn to help your clients through various stages in the supply chain, while understanding the importance of the factors and processes involved to best identify the optimum supply chain finance solution for them. This course will also take you through the effectiveness, scope and scalability of currently available supply chain finance products and examine the potential of future products to help you meet any unmet or latent client needs.

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Why take the Supply chain finance bundle?

  • Understand the value of supply chain management and its business processes to improve client organisational profitability 
  • Identify supply chain finance regulatory, accounting, and reporting considerations to meet and overcome challenges with confidence 
  • Learn about the innovations being developed by banks and their impact on technologies, such as blockchain,  to deliver an ever more positive client experience 

Combine our introductory and advanced supply chain finance courses and save €50!

Number of teaching lessons : Duration : 8 hours
Level : Introduction + Advanced Language: English
Credit category :

General practitioners in roles dealing with relationship management, credit, compliance, etc., have an interest in trade finance and work in banks, corporates, or financial institutions.

This course bundle is a way of gaining specialist expertise in a specific area of trade finance. There is NO EXAMINATION so this is not a certification, although you This course bundle is a way of gaining specialist expertise in a specific area of trade finance. However, there is no exam so this is not a certification, although you will earn a Letter of Completion for each course when it is completed.

If you are interested in a certification, then the introductory course in this bundle is part of the curriculum for the Global Trade Certificate (GTC) and the advanced course is part of the curriculum for the Certified Trade Finance Professional (CTFP).

LIONEL TAYLOR: Managing Director, Trade Advisory Network

Lionel Taylor is a trade, supply chain and invoice finance business leader, with over 30 years of experience in senior management and director level positions at major financial institutions, including Citibank, Lloyds Banking Group, Rabobank, RBS and nonbank independents. Now Managing Director of Trade Advisory Network, which specialises in the strategic development of global supply chain, trade and invoice finance with a client base of regional banks, independent finance providers, fintechs and technology providers. Mr Taylor also has extensive factoring and international experience with a specific understanding of Asia and China, having opened, managed and successfully developed business and operations in the region.

JOHN BUGEJA: Managing Director, Trade Advisory Network

John Bugeja is a highly experienced trade, supply chain and invoice finance specialist, with over 40 years of professional experience in senior leadership roles with Barclays HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group, NatWest and RBS. Now Managing Director of Trade Advisory Network, an advisory and training solution provider delivering product development, operating model design and implementation and training solutions to banks, non-bank finance providers, fintechs, corporates and technology service providers. Mr Bugeja was a member of the drafting group that wrote the ICC rules for the Bank Payment Obligation and is currently a member of the BPO Commercialisation Group.

ALEXANDER MALAKET: President, Opus Advisory Services International Inc.

Alexander Malaket is a recognised specialist in international trade and trade finance, with over 25 years of professional experience in Canada and internationally. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for the World Trade Centre and a member of the Board of the Forum for International Trade Training. Mr Malaket was a member of the B20 Task Forces in 2015, the International Affairs Committee of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and a “Nominated Expert” in trade finance for the UN/CEFACT, as well as a member of the ICTSD/World Economic Forum E15 Initiative. He is also the author of “Financing Trade and International Supply Chains,” which was published in 2014. Mr Malaket continues to be a frequent speaker, panel chair and participant at leading industry events around the world. 

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