Introduction to Risk Distribution

Course code : TF 101-13

This introductory course will provide a foundation of knowledge on risk distribution of trade finance assets and contingent liabilities, to enable your engagement with internal risk areas and to understand how this discipline will support your ability to meet client needs.

Upon completion, you will be able to contribute to structuring solutions incorporating risk distribution techniques and engage internally on the benefits of risk distribution, including:

What drives risk distribution?
Methods of risk distribution
What are the benefits and challenges
Financial, legal, regulatory and operational considerations
Impact of—and adapting to—changing regulation
Market trends and innovation

Number of teaching lessons : 6 Modules Duration : 3 hours
Level : 1 Language: English
Credit category : 3

General practitioners working in banks, corporates, or financial institutions in functions such as relationship management, credit and compliance, but with an interest in trade finance.

This eLearning course is part of the Global Trade Certificate (GTC) and includes a self-assessment tool to help you prepare for the final examination of the GTC.

However, please note you will only be able to take the final exam and recieve the certificate if you purchase the full Global Trade Certficate course. You will not be able to take the exam if you make multiple, separate purchases of individual courses that together make up the GTC.

The pass grade for the GTC exam is set at 70%.

Module 1 Why distribute?

Module 2 Forms of distribution

Module 3 Relative comparisons

Module 4 Important considerations

Module 5 What’s new? Market trends and innovations

Module 6 Assessment


Managing Director, Mayer & Co Advisory Pte Ltd.

Joshua Cohen is a recognised expert in risk distribution and risk mitigation. With over 25 years of professional experience in Europe and Asia the author has established and led successful distribution teams in bond, loan and trade finance asset classes.

The former chair of Bankers Association for Finance and Trade’s Liquidity Working Group, and the Global Head of Liability and RWA Management at Standard Chartered Bank, Mr Cohen has broad knowledge of the challenges facing transaction banking business lines, especially with respect to managing the capital, liquidity and credit appetite required to run a successful and high returning trade finance portfolio in a global bank.

Mr Cohen is the author of a number of published articles on trade finance and risk distribution including “Trade Gets Paid” (Global Trade Review 2012), “Promoting South South Trade” (Global Trade Review 2012), “Taking Down Unintended Barriers to International Trade” (Standard Chartered Insights 2013), “Creating a Win Win Opportunity in Trade Distribution” (the Asset 2013).

Mr Cohen is a regular speaker, panel chair and participant at industry events around the world.