ICC YAAF: Navigating the Frontiers of AI in Arbitration - Implications of AI for Users, Counsel and Arbitrators

19 Oct 2023

Zurich English
Start: 16.30 (CEST) || End: 19:00 (CEST)

Are you curious and/or concerned about how AI will affect international arbitration over the coming years? Then join us in Zurich for an interactive workshop that will explore some of the concrete ways in which AI will likely contribute to fact-finding, advocacy and decision-making.

The release of ChatGPT in late 2022 unleashed a fresh wave of fear and excitement about AI’s future role in the daily life of lawyers. While the specifics of that role remain unclear, it is a good time for the next generation of arbitration practitioners to take stock of how AI is likely to change the nature of their work in the years and decades to come. 

This workshop, which is kindly hosted by Schellenberg Wittmer, will explore some of the common tasks in arbitration that AI is, or could in the future be, well suited for, as well as how those uses could affect staffing on arbitration cases. Our speakers will assess three emerging AI-enabled tools, each for different aspects of the arbitration process: (i) document review and fact-finding, (ii) selecting arbitrators, and (iii) factual/legal reasoning and decision-making. Service-provider representatives will present their respective experience with AI-tools, while experienced arbitration practitioners will then comment on the potential and limitations of those tools, as well as on their longer-term implications for the legal profession. We also look forward to hearing the views of our audience members on these tools and AI more generally. 

Open to those aged 40 and under, YAAF provides opportunities for individuals to gain knowledge, develop their skills and understand ICC’s arbitral procedure and other dispute resolution services.


What is ICC YAAF?

At ICC, we believe that through training and mentorship, we can mould the next generation of leading international arbitration and ADR experts. Through the ICC Young Arbitration and ADR Forum (YAAF) network, we are able to better inform, connect and inspire young professionals with interests in dispute resolution and dispute avoidance. 

Throughout the world, ICC YAAF organises a number of educational and social events that allow young professionals to discover best practices, discuss topical issues, network and create meaningful connections with experienced practitioners. 

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Welcoming remarks and a brief introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  • Janine Häsler, Senior Associate, Schellenberg Wittmer, Zurich
  • Letícia Morais, Associate, Schellenberg Wittmer, Zurich
  • Benjamin Moss, ICC YAAF Representative for Europe; International Disputes Lawyer, Zurich


Presentation 1: Document Review and Fact-finding

  • Yves Barben, Manager, Ernst & Young AG, Zurich
  • Andreas Wehowsky, Associate, Schellenberg Wittmer, Zurich




Presentation 2: Selection and Appointment of Arbitrators

  • Sneha Vijayan, Co-founder, resolutio & DLA, Kerala
  • Juliette Asso, Counsel, Lalive, Geneva


Presentation 3: Factual/Legal Assessments and Decision-making

  • Yannic Kilcher, Chief Technology Officer, DeepJudge, Zurich
  • Nino Sievi, Partner, Nater Dallafior, Zurich


Apéro riche

Juliette Asso

Counsel, Lalive, Geneva

Yves Barben

Manager, Ernst & Young AG, Zurich

Yannic Kilcher

Chief Technology Officer, DeepJudge, Zurich

Nino Sievi

Partner, Nater Dallafior, Zurich

Sneha Vijayan

Co-founder, resolutio & DLA, Kerala

Andreas Wehowsky

Associate, Schellenberg Wittmer, Zurich


Schellenberg Wittmer AG
Löwenstrasse 19


For further information, please contact:

Benjamin Moss

ICC YAAF Representative for Europe; International Disputes Lawyer, Zurich

+33 7 63 04 60 49