ICC Rules for Expertise

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Each service is intended to respond to a different need. A proposal leaves the requesting party or parties free to decide whether or not to use the services of the expert proposed. An appointment is normally made on the basis of an agreement between parties and obliges them to have recourse to the person appointed. The administration of expertise proceedings covers not only the appointment of an expert but also the definition of the expert’s mission, the conduct of the expert’s investigations, the drawing up of the expert’s report and, if the parties wish, a review of the expert’s report by ICC before it is notified to the parties.

The procedures described in these Rules are administered exclusively by the ICC International Centre for Expertise, which forms part of ICC’s International Centre for ADR. Created in 1976, the International Centre for Expertise has a strong track record of finding experts to fulfill specialized assignments in an international context. It enjoys the support of a standing committee, itself composed of experts, which contributes to quality assurance.

A request for the proposal of an expert may be made to the Centre at any time, with or without a prior agreement. However, parties wishing to have recourse to the Centre for the appointment of an expert or the administration of expertise proceedings are advised to include an appropriate clause in their contract. For this purpose, ICC proposes model clauses to fit different situations, which can be found at the end of this booklet.

Drafted by specialists from different legal traditions and cultures, and administered by qualified professionals, these Rules provide a structured, institutional framework ensuring transparency, efficiency and fairness while allowing users to exercise their choice over many aspects of the procedure.

Code ISBN : 978-92-842-0123-5
Number of pages : 30
Publishing date : 2013-11-01
Language : English

Section I: General Provisions

Article 1 The International Centre for Expertise

Section II: Proposal of Experts

Article 2 Recourse to the Centre

Article 3 The Expert

Article 4 Costs for the Proposal of an Expert

Section III: Appointment of Experts

Article 5 Recourse to the Centre

Article 6 Written Notifications or Communications

Article 7 The Expert

Article 8 Costs for the Appointment of an Expert

Section IV: Administration of Expertise Proceedings

Article 9 Recourse to the Centre

Article 10 Written Notifications or Communications

Article 11 Independence of the Expert – Replacement of the Expert

Article 12 The Expert’s Mission

Article 13 Duties and Responsibilities of the Parties

Article 14 Costs for the Administration of Expertise Proceedings

Section V: Miscellaneous

Article 15 Waiver

Article 16 Exclusion of Liability

Article 17 General Rule

Appendix I – Statutes of the Standing Committee of the ICC International Centre for Expertise

Article 1 Composition of the Standing Committee

Article 2 Meetings

Article 3 Function and Duties of the Standing Committee

Article 4 Confidentiality

Appendix II – Schedule of Expertise Costs

Article 1 Costs for Proposal

Article 2 Costs for Appointment

Article 3 Costs for Administration

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