ICC at the Internet Governance Forum 2023

08-12 Oct 2023

Kyoto English
Start: 08/10/2023 || End: 12/10/2023

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is a global multistakeholder forum under the auspices of the Unites Nations that facilitates the discussion of public policy issues pertaining to the Internet. The 18th edition will be held in Kyoto, Japan from 8 to 12 October 2023.

The International Chamber of Commerce’s Business Action to Support the Information Society (ICC BASIS) will organise four sessions open to all event participants joining the free event onsite or online.

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8 October
9 October
10 October
11 October

Aligning priorities for a shared vision on digital policy

Sunday, 8 October (15:45-17:45 JST)


Chaired by Maria Fernanda Garza, ICC Chair and member of the IGF Leadership Panel representing the private sector, this roundtable will take stock and assess unfolding global policy discussions, and developments, focusing on addressing data free flow with trust, the evolving AI, cybersecurity, and connectivity landscape, through an exchange of high-level experts from the public and private sectors.

What will participants gain from attending this session?

This roundtable will focus on the state of global digital policy, taking stock of policy discussions and recommendations in key global fora throughout 2023 including the G7, G20, and the Global Digital Compact.

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Operationalising data free flow with trust

Monday, 9 October (17:00-18:30 JST)


This workshop will delve into the causes of Internet fragmentation, existing initiatives to bridge digital divides, and the path to implementing data-free flow with trust.

What will participants gain from attending this session?

The session will equip participants with an understanding of the challenges and risks posed by unilateral and non-compatible policy approaches to data governance to the open, free, and unfragmented Internet and the functioning of the global, interconnected digital economy.

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All hands on deck to connect the next billions

Tuesday, 10 October (09:45-11:15 JST)


This workshop will unite policy and technology experts who share experiences and scalable approaches, aiming to explore the policy environment needed to foster investment and cross-sector partnerships, to fully reap the benefits that digital technologies can offer to everyone, everywhere.

What will participants gain from attending this session?

Participants will gain an understanding of the various technical, economic and regulatory barriers to delivering universal meaningful connectivity and discuss solutions to surmount these barriers.

Through case studies, participants will also gain a good grip on the decision-making process behind public and private investments in connectivity projects.

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Evolving AI, evolving governance: from principles to action

Wednesday, 11 October (14:45-16:15 JST)


This workshop will feature a diverse panel of speakers, positioned to explore if existing principles align with AI's growing developments and identify hurdles in moving from principle-adoption to effective implementation. Discussions aim to drive broader global coherence to established recommendations.

What will participants gain from attending this session?

The workshop will offer a comprehensive overview of existing policy and regulatory frameworks aimed to guide the development and implementation of ethical, fair and trustworthy AI and foster a discussion on how such efforts are addressing the continuous development of AI technologies.

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For more information, please contact:

Meni Anastasiadou 

ICC Digital Policy Adviser