ICC Arbitrator Statement Acceptance, Availability, Impartiality and Independence form (English version)

No. Free027

ISBN : Free0027

A form that provides the arbitrator’s statement acceptance, availability, impartiality and independence according to the 2017 ICC Arbitration Rules.

The International Court of Arbitration® is the world's leading arbitral institution. Since 1923, we have been helping to resolve difficulties in international commercial and business disputes to support trade and investment.

We perform an essential role by providing individuals, businesses and governments alike with a variety of customisable services for every stage of their dispute.

Although we are called a court in name, we do not make formal judgments on disputed matters. Instead, we exercise judicial supervision of arbitration proceedings. Our responsibilities include:

  • confirming, appointing and replacing arbitrators, as well as deciding on any challenges made against them
  • monitoring the arbitral process to make certain that it is performed properly and with the required speed and efficiency necessary
  • scrutinising and approving all arbitral awards to reinforce quality and enforceability
  • setting, managing and — if necessary — adjusting fees and advances
  • overseeing emergency proceedings before the start of the arbitration

Our purpose is to ensure proper application of the ICC Rules, as well as assist parties and arbitrators in overcoming procedural obstacles. These efforts are supported by the Court's Secretariat, which is made up of more than 80 lawyers and support personnel.

Code ISBN : Free0027
Number of pages : 5
Publishing date : 2016-06-03
Language : English

International Court of Arbitration of ICC and International Center for ADR

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