Ibero-American Report on the use of the Incoterms® 2020 Rules

No. FP290823

The Ibero-American Report on the use of the Incoterms® 2020 Rules was prepared by a consortium of international trade experts from 10 Spanish-speaking ICC national committees, led by ICC Argentina, ICC Colombia and ICC Mexico..

Rich with data and practical insights into the practices and challenges around the use of the Incoterms® rules, the report is an essential tool for improving the use of the rules, promoting good practices, and highlighting areas for potential reform in future iterations of the rules to meet current requirements of international traders.

Number of pages : 18
Publishing date : 2023-08-29
Language : English

“Ibero-american Incoterms® Group on Incoterms® 2020 Rules”


Methodology and description of the samples

  • 1° Survey-type questionnaire.
  • 2° Content analysis.

Limitations and future research.

  • Contribution to the ICC and the business community.
  • Descriptive results and correlation analysis between studied variables.
  • The formalization of international transactions for the sale of goods.
  • The Use of Incoterms® versus customs and practices.
  • The use of Incoterms® recommended by the ICC for the transport of goods
  • in containers by sea or inland waterways.
  • The correct use of the Incoterms® Rules in commercial documents.
  • Most used Incoterms® Rules 
  • How parties agree to the Incoterms® Rules.
  • Insights on international acceptance of Incoterms® in sales transactions of goods
  • How users can clear up doubts about the scope of the Incoterms® Rules 
  • Obligations and responsibilities set by the Incoterms® Rules .
  • Insurance coverage over the goods when the parties use the Incoterms® Rules.
  • Use of Incoterms® Rules in domestic transactions (domestic trade) for the sale of goods.
  • Source of knowledge about the Incoterms® Rule.

Additional findings


The research team, called the “Ibero-American Incoterms® Group”, is made up of professionals appointed by International Chambers of Commerce´s National Committees (ICC NCs) from Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and Spain. The group does not work under the ICC Global umbrella; it is part of a regional project lead by the NCs.

The Ibero-American Incoterms® Group´s members are:

Alejandra Angione (ICC Argentina), Edgardo Muñoz López (ICC Mexico), Jean Pierre Antelo (ICC Bolivia), Juan Diego Alzate Gómez (ICC Colombia), Karla Cantero Lima (ICC Cuba), Lilia Marcela Álvarez ( ICC Panama), Ana Lucía González (ICC Costa Rica), María Gabriela Lledó (ICC Paraguay), Mariano Díaz (ICC Guatemala), Martín Fernández (ICC Spain), Maximiliano Rodríguez Fernández (ICC Colombia), Miguel Ángel Bustamante (ICC Mexico), Rafael Gutiérrez de Mesa (ICC Spain), Roberto Rosales (ICC Ecuador), Romano Feoli (ICC Panama), Sonsoles García (ICC Ecuador) and Susana María Enríquez Domínguez (ICC Cuba).

The collaboration of Leandro Pugliese,

María Marta Simone, Fernando Torres, Marta Castro and Juan Zezza, members of the ICC Argentina Commercial Law and Practice Commission, is gratefully acknowledged.