Guarantees are used to support trade with increased certainty while promoting business growth. Through the Guarantees Bundle, which combines both the introductory and advanced level courses, you can grow your financial literacy, specifically around issuing bank guarantees during international transactions and other more complex transactions.

In the Introduction to Guarantees course, build a foundational understanding of demand guarantees and their importance in facilitating global trade. You will also learn about the origins and development of a bank guarantee, from the days of using cash deposits as a collateral to the independent instruments of today, in addition to familiarising yourself with key terminology and elements of a guarantee.

In the Advanced Guarantees course, gain a deeper understanding about the issuance of a bank guarantee, use of counter guarantees and other complex transactions. This course will also take you through the ins and outs of global standards, legal frameworks, and 360° view of the application of guarantees to ensure your business practices are more reliable and trusted.

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Why take the Guarantees bundle? 

  • Understand the elements of what makes a guarantee successful to make the most of the powerful financial instrument 
  • Learn the importance of using correct terminology to better serve your clients 
  • Quickly and accurately identify the conditions of your guarantees, whether direct or indirect, to reduce risks 

Combine our introductory and advanced courses on bank guarantees and save €50!

Number of teaching lessons : Duration : 8 hours
Level : Introduction + Advanced Language: English
Credit category :

General practitioners in roles dealing with relationship management, credit, compliance, etc., have an interest in trade finance and work in banks, corporates, or financial institutions.

This course bundle is a way of gaining specialist expertise in a specific area of trade finance. However, there is NO EXAMINATION so this is not a certification, although you will earn a Letter of Completion for each course when it is completed.

If you are interested in a certification, then the introductory course in this bundle is part of the curriculum for the Global Trade Certificate (GTC) and the advanced course is part of the curriculum for the Certified Trade Finance Professional (CTFP).

ANDREA HAUPTMANN: Senior Director and Head of the Guarantees Department, Raiffeisen Bank International

Andrea Hauptmann has been with Raiffeisen Bank International since 1984. After a short postgraduate study at Cambridge University, she worked in the documentary department on import/export letters of credit and then bank guarantees until 1988. She then took over responsibility of the guarantees business in 1991 and was appointed Director in 1997 and then Senior Director in 2000. Ms Hauptmann has been a member of ICC Austria since 1997. She was also Chair of the ICC Guarantee Task Force and a delegate and member of the Executive Committee of the ICC Banking Commission.