EMA - Ethical Marketing and Advertising Certificate

This ICC course expands on a programme initially developed with the international business school INSEAD. Its purpose is to promote global awareness and use of ICC’s internationally-recognised Marketing and Advertising Codes, and is aimed at developing the skills needed to create, design and deliver responsible marketing communications.

By following this course you learn about the core principles of the ICC Code – the gold standard for international best practice and the global reference for international advertising self-regulation. You will learn about how to market products responsibly from a corporate and professional perspective; and how to avoid exposing your company to risks, by exploring the impact that regulation, ethical considerations and cultural differences across national and international markets have on the practice of advertising.

Number of teaching lessons : 7 lessons Duration : 2 hours
Level : Language: English
Credit category :

Marketers, advertisers and other professionals working for regulators advocacy groups, advertising associations and academic institutions, including their business students.

Our final exam consists of a 60-minute examination which is live proctored via the internet.  The passing grade is 70% minimum. Upon passing the examination, learners will be issued an accredited certificate for the program.

Lesson 1 – What is the ICC Code?

Lesson 2 – Importance of Ethical Advertising

Lesson 3 – Ethical Principles relating to Customers

Lesson 4 – Ethical Principles relating to Society

Lesson 5 – Ethical Principles relating to Competitors

Lesson 6 – Digital Marketing

Lesson 7 – Conclusion

The EMA was developed by experts from ICC’s Marketing and Advertising Commission, and the renowned international business school, INSEAD.

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