Notes from the Field - Negotiating around the World

No. E762E

ISBN : 978-92-842-0260-7

Business negotiations are increasingly taking place across borders, among parties from different cultures and traditions. But how do you prepare for intercultural business meetings?

This publication gives guidance on what to expect and how to prepare for parties that might have very diverse expectations and understanding of issues. It will help smoother negotiating processes and improve relationships between business partners.

Best practice for smooth negotiations

Rethinking the way individuals and organizations approach negotiation may pave the way for dialogues based on mutual understanding and better organizational, coordinated approaches to negotiation practices. Learn from the experiences of expert negotiators to avoid making the same mistakes yourself. 24 individual one-on-one interviews conducted by an ICC lawyer with significant negotiating experience will provide you with :

  • Hands-on advice from experienced practitioners involved in negotiations around the world across a range of sectors
  • Unique on-the-ground view into cultural issues that may arise in international negotiations 
  • Anecdotes based on personal, unvarnished experience

Vital business tools for businesspeople, lawyers and students

The concrete examples in this publication bring to life ICC’s Principles to Facilitate Commercial Negotiation and will help you enhance your business reputation and international negotiating technique.

Code ISBN : 978-92-842-0260-7
Number of pages : 22
Publishing date : 2014
Language : English
Format in cm : N/A

The consultations behind the 'ICC Principles to facilitate Commercial Negotiation'


1 MNE, Energy, United Kingdom

2 Domestic department store chain, The Netherlands

3 MNE, Power/Transport, France/China/Russia

4 Legal services, Sweden

5 SME, Transport, Ukraine

6 Professional association, United Kingdom

7 Legal services, Bahrain

8 SME, Games/Entertainment, United States

9 Legal services, Georgia

10 MNE, Automotive, Germany

11 Legal services, Nigeria

12 MNE, Telecommunications, United Kingdom

13 Legal services, Latvia

14 MNE, Music/ Entertainment, United States

15 Legal services, Israel

16 MNE, Technology, Belgium

17 Legal services, Angola

18 Business and government interpreter, Mongolia

19 SME, Agriculture, South Korea

20 Industrial relations, United States

21 Legal services, France/Latin America

22 MNE, Apparel/Footwear, The Netherlands

23 Business association, Colombia

24 Legal services, United Kingdom/China

Annex 11 ICC Principles to Facilitate Commercial Negotiation

Commission on Commercial Law and Practice (CLP)

Negotiation tools from ICC

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