This introductory course provides a practical overview of the first type of trade financing instrument based on shipping documents and bank intermediation. In the trade world this operation is also known as “Collection”.

In this course, you will learn how to describe the two types of Documentary Collections, portray the cycle in its entirety, and understand the role and perspective of a Relationship Manager in this cycle. Additionally, you will obtain a clear insight into the risks and documents involved in a Documentary Collection.

Number of teaching lessons : 10 Modules Duration : 3 hours
Level : 1 Language: English
Credit category : 3

General practitioners working in banks, corporates, or financial institutions in functions such as relationship management, credit and compliance, but with an interest in trade finance.

This eLearning course is part of the Global Trade Certificate (GTC) and includes a self-assessment tool to help you prepare for the final examination of the GTC.

However, please note you will only be able to take the final exam and recieve the certificate if you purchase the full Global Trade Certficate course. You will not be able to take the exam if you make multiple, separate purchases of individual courses that together make up the GTC.

The pass grade for the GTC exam is set at 70%.

Module 1 What is a Documentary Collection?

Module 2 How does a Documentary Collection work?

Module 3 What are the various documents that can be called for under a Documentary Collection?

Module 4 International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”)

Module 5 Value of the Documentary Collection to exporters and importers

Module 6 Comparison of the use of Acceptance Terms versus Sight

Module 7 The bank’s roles and obligations

Module 8 Financing the Documentary Collection

Module 9 The Documentary Collection – the RM’s perspective

Module 10 Trade Operations / Legal & Compliance

Consultant, ICC Italy

Currently a consultant, speaker and trainer at ICC Italy and various banks and companies. Secretary of ICC-Italy Banking Commission and member of the current ICC DOCDEX list of experts. Promoter and Vice Chairman of Credimpex-Italia (Professional Association).

Co-chair of the UCP 600 revision “Consultant Group”
Member of the ISBP 745 revision “Drafting Group”
Representative of Italian Banks for revision of: UCP 400, 500 and 600, URC 522, URDG 458 and 758, ISBP 645, 681, 745.
Responsible for the “Interbank Documentary Operations Commission” at the Italian Bankers Association (ABI) Rome for 25 years (now retired)