International Commercial Mediation Training Role-Plays: Cases from the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition

No. E765E

ISBN : 978-92-842-0464-9

A compilation of 21 of the best role-plays written for the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition which can be used for commercial mediation and mediation representation training at universities and by training organizations around the world.

The issues addressed in the role-play range from contractual and quality disputes to cases in intellectual property rights, to disputes in the construction industry and cases involving personal conflict in close international partnerships.

All of the role-plays are written by highly experienced professional mediators. Each role-play includes general information for both parties and confidential information for each party.

The editors provide expert comment on the role-plays from business, legal and training perspectives.

It is the first time such a compilation of user-friendly training material has been produced and will be an indispensable resource in commercial mediation training around the world.


Code ISBN : 978-92-842-0464-9
Number of pages : 162
Publishing date : 2015
Language : English
Format in cm : 21 x 29,7

Cases from the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition

Foreword by Andrea Carlevaris, Hannah Tümpel, Sara Debendetti, ICC

Editors’ Foreword by Greg Bond and Colin J Wall

Overview of Role-Plays



1.1. Tracy Allen - Hot & Spicy BBQ

1.2. Thierry Garby - Big Games v TroVrai

1.3. Richard Lutringer - Joint Venture Adventure

1.4. Rebecca Attree - Distribution of Hair Care in the UK

1.5. Michel Kallipetis - WTL v BTL



2.1. Mohamed Ali Chicktay - Cape Wine Industries v Kenyan Spirits

2.2. Giovanni De Berti - Top Pipings Ltd. v SuperDrilling Ltd

2.3. Heather Douglas - A Problem with Carpets and Shawls

2.4. Colin J Wall - A Sticky Printing Problem



3.1. Giovanni De Berti - Softender v Mogul

3.2. Alan Limbury - Parallel Imports

3.3. Manon Schowneille - Special Chemistry

3.4. Alan Limbury - The Spacenook Saga



4.1. Colin J Wall - Five E and JLH

4.2. Christopher Miers - The Palm Leaf Shopping Mall

4.3. Rosemary Jackson - A Fine Mess

4.4. Christopher Miers - The Beachfront Condominiums



5.1. Alan Limbury - Tribute to Bablo’s Lizard

5.2. Murray Armes - Wheels of Fortune

5.3. Pedro Fida - Dispute for Goals

5.4. Colin J Wall - Chris v Kim

Authors’ Copyrights 

Authors’ and Editors’ Biographies

ICC Dispute Resolution Publications

Greg Bond (Co-editor)

Greg Bond teaches mediation, negotiation and cross-cultural communication in master’s programmes in commercial law and management and in MBA programmes at the Technical University of Wildau, Berlin, Germany. Colin J Wall (Co-editor) Colin J Wall is a chartered arbitrator, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in both the arbitration and mediation disciplines and an accredited mediator.

Tracy Allen

Tracy Allen is a full-time mediator, arbitrator and ADR teacher. As a business, tax, real estate and estateplanning attorney Murray Armes Murray Armes is the founder of Sense Studio, a leading firm of architects in London, specializing in international dispute resolution.

Rebecca Attree

Rebecca Attree is an accredited mediator, non-executive director of ADR Net, accredited member by experience of the English Law Society Panel of Civil and Commercial Mediators and an INADR dual qualified mediator in the US.

Mohamed Ali Chicktay

Mohamed Ali Chicktay is an academic at the University of the Witwatersrand Law Faculty in Johannesburg, South Africa. Pedro Fida Pedro Fida is a Brazilian attorney-at-law, who received his LL.B from the FGV São Paulo Law School. Giovanni De Berti Giovanni De Berti is an Italian avvocato and barrister of Gray’s Inn (England and Wales, non-practicing).

Thierry Garby

Thierry Garby was an attorney at the Paris bar, dealing mainly with international litigation and arbitration. Heather Douglas Heather Douglas has been working in the area of dispute resolution for the past 19 years since obtaining her LL.M (dispute resolution) and her Certificate of Commercial Mediation in 1996.

Rosemary Jackson

Rosemary Jackson QC was the first-ever female construction barrister in the UK and practiced as a commercial barrister in London for more than 30 years, Michel Kallipetis Michel Kallipetis QC has 40 years’ experience as a practicing barrister in the commercial, professional negligence and employment fields.

Alan Limbury

Alan Limbury was awarded honorary life membership of the Business Law Section of the Law Council of Australia in 2013. Manon Schonewille Manon Schonewille is executive director of Making & Saving Deals Academy International and business mediation provider for ACB Group.

Richard Lutringer

Richard Lutringer has been a full-time mediator since 2008, with offices in New York and Southern California. Christopher Miers Christopher Miers is a chartered architect and chartered arbitrator and is managing director of Probyn Miers Ltd., London, UK.

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