ICC Rules on Combating Corruption

No. Free016

ISBN : Free0016

These ICC Rules are intended as a method of self-regulation by business against the background of applicable national law and key international legal instruments. Their voluntary acceptance by Enterprises will promote high standards of integrity in business transactions, whether between Enterprises and public bodies or between Enterprises themselves. 

The new 2023 edition of the ICC Rules on Combating Corruption bolsters provisions to enable reporting mechanisms, in recognition of the key role that internal and external whistleblowing channels pay in uncovering and deterring wrongdoing. 

The Rules also reinforce the section on engaging and managing Third Parties, to guide enterprises in managing corruption and other risks presented by suppliers and agents in supply chains. 

The 2023 edition of the ICC Rules for Combating Corruption consists of four parts: 

  • Part I states the Rules 
  • Part II provides guidance to support implementation and compliance with the Rules 
  • Part III lists the suggested elements of an effective corporate compliance programme 
  • Part IV comprises definitions of terms used 

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Code ISBN : Free0016
Number of pages : 18
Publishing date : 2023-12-11
Language : English

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Publication

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