ICC Model Contract - International Consulting Services: Expanding into a new market

No. P787E

ISBN : 978-92-842-0409-0

When negotiating consultancy agreements abroad, one of the main difficulties faced by parties engaged in international trade is the lack of standard provisions for agreements of this type. Also, consultancy agreements are often not governed by specific statutory provisions.

Companies looking to expand their operations to a new, foreign market often need guidance on a range of issues related to the new market, including brand promotion, market research or local incentive schemes.

ICC has drafted this model contract to provide such companies and their advisors with an internationally-applicable, fair, and balanced template. It includes a USB key which contains the full text of the model and its annexes, permitting you to easily adapt the contract to your specific case. If parties have no need to draw up a special contract of their own, they can use the entire model, which has been drafted to assure balance for both sides.


The print version of the Model includes a USB key presenting the text of the contract in a user friendly and fully editable format, allowing you to adapt the contract to your specific needs.

If you purchase the digital version (eBook), instead of supplying a USB key we have included a link on the copyright page of the Model so you can download the word version directly and save and edit as needed.

Code ISBN : 978-92-842-0409-0
Weight : 0.2100 kgs
Number of pages : 45
Publishing date : 2017
Language : English
Format in cm : 20.7*29.5 / Paper version: USB key. EBook: link to the word version.



1.    Purpose of the model

2.    Scope of application

3.    Applicable law

4.    Resolution of disputes: ADR, arbitration, national courts

5.    Remuneration of the consultant

6.    Precautions for use of the model form

7.    Parties’ negotiations


ICC model international consulting services contract: expanding into a new market

Annex I: scope of the consultancy services (article 1)

Annex II: fees (article 3)

1.    Remuneration of the consultant (article 3.1)

2.    Benchmarks for success fee (article 3.4) 

  • Annex III: ICC model confidentiality clause 2016 (article 7.1) 
  • Annex IV: change of control, ownership and/or management in the consultant (article 10.6) 
  • Annex V: clients consulted and/or represented by the consultant (article 18.4) 
  • Appendix I: ICC principles to facilitate commercial negotiation

 ·         Appendix II: ICC anti-corruption clause


·         ICC AT A GLANCE

This model contract, one of a successful series produced by the ICC Commission on Commercial Law and Practice under the leadership of Co-Chair Fabio Bortolotti (Italy), has benefited from the active participation of the following members of the Working Group, chaired by Ercüment Erdem (Turkey), Co-Chair of the Commission on Commercial Law and Practice: José Gabriel Assis de Almeida (Brazil); Ecem Cetinyilmaz (Turkey); Sergi Giménez Binder (Spain); Francisco Blavi (Chile); Paolo Grandi (Italy); Pieter Haesaert (Belgium); Marcos de Campos Ludwig (Brazil); and Galyah Natan-Epstein (Israel).