ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin - 2022 Issue 1

No. E22BUL1

ISBN : 978-92-842-0625-4

  • Message from Claudia Salomon, President of the ICC International Court of Arbitration
  • In Memoriam Thierry Garby, Thomas D. Halket, Renzo Morera, Carlos de los Santos
  • Global Developments: News from Africa (Sierra Leone and Malawi as new signatories to the New York Convention), Asia (South Korea, Singapore), and Europe (France, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, United Kingdom)
  • Two Commentaries: ‘Swiss International Arbitration Law: The 2021 Reform in Context’; ‘Judicial Review of Investment Arbitration Awards - A Comparative Perspective of French and Canadian Courts’
  • Introducing the ICC Report ‘Leveraging Technology for Fair, Effective and Efficient International Arbitration Proceedings’ and the ICC Institute Study ‘Interference in the Conduct of International Arbitration by the Political Constitutions of Ibero-American Countries’ 
  • ICC Activities: Reporting on the 19th ICC Miami Conference; the ICC - FIDIC Conference on International Construction Contracts; and the ICC Mediation Roundtable on Multiparty Mediation
  • Three Book Reviews: Liber amicorum pour Yves Derains. Arbitration and beyond ... Une forme de vie?; International Arbitration in Latin America, Energy and Natural Resources Disputes; International Construction Arbitration Law (Third Edition)
Code ISBN : 978-92-842-0625-4
Number of pages : 109
Publishing date : 2022
Language : English
Format in cm : 21*29.7

Claudia Salomon
Message from the President

Julien Fouret and Yasmine Lahlou
Welcome from the Editors-in-Chief

Michael Mcilwrath, Claude Amar
In Memoriam Thierry Garby

Richard L. Mattiaccio
In Memoriam Thomas D. Halket

Andrea Carlevaris, Maria Beatrice Deli
In Memoriam Renzo Morera

Deva Villanúa
In Memoriam Carlos de los Santos


Ndanga Kamau  
New African Signatories to the New York Convention 

Sae Youn Kim, Shul Park
Republic of Korea: An Update since the 2016 Amendments to the Arbitration Act and the Five-Year ‘Masterplan’

Charis Tan, Marcus Liew
Singapore: Conditional Fee Arrangements to be Approved for Arbitration

Romain Dupeyré, Bruno Richard
France: Two Supreme Courts – One Single Approach to the Review of Arbitral Awards

Michele Sabatini
Italy: The Time Has Finally Come to Say Goodbye to the Prohibition for Arbitrators to Issue Interim Measures

Wojciech Sadowski, Joanna Iwanicka
Poland: Will Arbitration Ease Backlog in National Courts?

Catherine Anne Kunz, Elisabeth Zoe Everson
Switzerland: Supreme Court Upholds Arbitral Tribunal’s Refusal to Postpone Hearing

Penny Martin, Clara Florin
United Kingdom: Towards a Harmonised Framework for Determining the Governing Law of an Arbitration Agreement 

Evgeniya Rubinina, Georg Stigelbauer
United Kingdom: Departure from the Parties’ Pleaded Cases and Failure to Allow Party to Amend its Case Leads to Remittal of Award commentary                                                                

Simon Gabriel, Johannes Landbrecht
Swiss International Arbitration Law
The 2021 Reform in Context

Pierre Pic, Sara Nadeau-Seguin
Judicial Review of Investment Arbitration Awards – A Comparative Perspective of French and Canadian Courts

ICC COMMISSION REPORTS                                       

Anna Masser 
‘Leveraging Technology for Fair, Effective and Efficient International Arbitration Proceedings'– The Newly Launched ICC Report

FROM THE ICC INSTITUTE                                          

Maria Claudia Procopiak
‘Interference in the Conduct of International Arbitration by the Political Constitutions of Ibero-American Countries’ – A Summary of the Study

ICC ACTIVITIES                                                               

Álvaro Awad, María Angélica Burgos, Juliana De Valdenebro Garrido, Aline Dias, Mariana Martins-Costa Ferreira, Rebeca Mosquera, Estefanía Ponce Durán, Bernardo Wayar Ocampo
19th ICC Miami Conference: LATAM Arbitration under Scrutiny – A Challenge to Legitimacy?

Marily Paralika
ICC - FIDIC Conference on International Construction Contracts  

Jim Lawrence
ICC Mediation Week: Roundtable on Multiparty Mediation

BOOK REVIEWS                                                             

Juan Pablo Argentato
Honouring Yves Derains: Arbitration in Practice and Philosophical Thoughts

Naomi Briercliffe 
Issues in Energy and Natural Resource Arbitration in Latin America 

Yasemin Çetinel
Bridging International Arbitration and Construction Law 




Julien Fouret 

Yasmine Lahlou 


Editorial Board 

Christian Albanesi 

Stavros Brekoulakis 

Farouk El-Hosseny 

Karina Goldberg 

Imad Khan 

Sara Nadeau-Séguin 

Damien Nyer 

Olena Perepelynska 

Sulabh Rewari 

Rafael Rincon 

Othamne Saadani 

Michele Sabatini 

Sabina Sacco 

Leyou Tameru 

Charis Tan 

Sherlin Tung 

Angeline Welsh 

Jennifer Younan 



Claude Amar

Juan Pablo Argentato

Álvaro Awad

Naomi Briercliffe

María Angélica Burgos

Andrea Carlevaris

Yasemin Çetinel

Juliana De Valdenebro Garrido

Maria Beatrice Deli

Aline Dias

Romain Dupeyré

Elisabeth Zoe Everson

Clara Florin

Julien Fouret

Simon Gabriel

Joanna Iwanicka

Ndanga Kamau

Sae Youn Kim

Catherine Anne Kunz

Yasmine Lahlou

Johannes Landbrecht

Jim Lawrence

Marcus Liew

Penny Martin

Mariana Martins-Costa Ferreira

Anna Masser

Richard L. Mattiaccio

Michael McIlwrath

Rebeca Mosquera

Sara Nadeau-Seguin

Marily Paralika

Shul Park

Pierre Pic

Estefanía Ponce Durán

Maria Claudia Procopiak

Bruno Richard

Evgeniya Rubinina

Michele Sabatini

Wojciech Sadowski
Claudia Salomon

Georg Stigelbauer

Charis Tan

Deva Villanúa

Bernardo Wayar Ocampo