ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin 2021 - Issue 3

No. E21BUL3

ISBN : 978-92-842-0616-2

The ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin includes sections on Doctrine, Case Decisions (Awards, Procedural Orders), Global Developments, ICC Activities, Book Reviews and ICC Dispute Resolution Practice and Procedure. The editorial board for the Bulletin is comprised of 20 arbitration and dispute resolution specialists from all parts of the world. The eBulletin is published three times a year. 

Message from Claudia Salomon, President of the ICC International Court of Arbitration

In Memoriam John G. Ruggie, Professor Martin Hunter, Carl Salans, Evans Morani

Global Developments: News from China, India, United Kingdom, Russia, and United Arab Emirates

Commentary: PAW opening speech ‘Challenging the Premises of Diversity’ (Eduardo Silva Romero); ‘Achmea jacta est … The European Court of Justice Ends Energy Charter Treaty-based Arbitration Among EU Member States’ (Prof. Mathias Audit, Matthias Fekl, Gaspard Fiévet); ‘Dispute Resolution in the Commercial Space Age: Are All Space-Farers Adequately Catered For?’ (Rachael O'Grady)

From the ICC Institute: First Meeting of the Australasian Chapter on ‘Due Process Paranoia’

ICC Activities: Reporting on ICC SME LAB series, ICC regional conferences on international arbitration (MENA, Africa, Asia, Europe), ICC YAF event ‘(Im)possible Arbitrations?’, and a PAW event discussing expert evidence in international arbitration

Book Reviews: (i) The Use of Commercial Arbitration Rules in Investment Treaty Disputes – by Joel Dahlquist, (ii) Arbitration of Intellectual Property Disputes (2nd Ed.) – by Thomas D. Halket (ed.) (iii) Private International Law Online: Internet Regulation and Civil Liability in the EU – by Dr Tobias Lutzi, and (iv) Arbitration in Egypt: A Practitioner’s Guide – by Ibrahim Shehata

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Code ISBN : 978-92-842-0616-2
Number of pages : 111
Publishing date : 2021
Language : English
Format in cm : 21*29.7




Message from the President



Claudia Salomon

Welcome from the Editors in chief


Julien Fouret
Yasmine Lahlou

In Memoriam 1

John Ruggie 


Antony Crockett,
Stephane Brabant

In Memoriam 2

Martin Hunter

Ziva Filipic

In Memoriam 3

Carl Salans

John Beechey

In Memoriam 4

Evans Morani

Leyou Tameru 

GD 1



The 2021 Proposed Amendments to the Arbitration Law: A New Era of Arbitration?

Kun Fan




Emergency Arbitration Orders Declared Enforceable in India-seated Arbitrations

Vikas Mahendra

GD 3


United Kingdom

Conflicting Dispute Resolution Provisions: The Arbitration Clause Prevails

Greg Falkof,

Ahmed Abdel-Hakam




ICC Court Granted ‘Permanent Arbitration Institution’ Status

Galina Zukova

GD 5

Middle East

United Arab Emirates Concrete Foundations towards the Acceptance of Apparent Authority to Enter into an Arbitration Agreement

Antonia Birt, Avinash Poorooye


Challenging the Premises of Diversity

Opening Speech – PAW 2021

Eduardo Silva Romero


Achmea jacta est … The European Court of Justice Ends Energy Charter Treaty-based Arbitration Among EU Member States

M. Audit, Matthias Fekl, Gaspard Fiévet



Dispute Resolution in the Commercial Space Age: Are All Space-Farers Adequately Catered For?

Rachael O’Grady

From the Institute

Australasian Chapter of the ICC Institute of World

Business Law: First Meeting on Due Process Paranoia

Alan J Thambiayah,

Tan Chuan Thye SC Alessa Pang,

IA 1

ICC SME LAB: Legal essentials for start-ups: Future-proofing your business using ICC Model Contracts

Emily O Connor, Cecilia Xu


IA 2


ICC MENA Conference on International Arbitration

(24 Feb. 2021)

Ryham Ragab

IA 3

5th Africa Conference on International Arbitration

Arbitration in Africa: Expanding the Scope (2-4 June 2021)

Yejide B. Osunkeye,

Marx Ikongbeh

IA 4

6th ICC Asia Conference on International Arbitration

(23 June 2021)

Amanda Lees,

Suraj Sajnani

IA 5

5th ICC European Conference on International Arbitration (28-29 June 2021)

Hjordis Birna Hjartardottir

IA 6


(Im)possible arbitrations

(15 Sept. 2021)

Andrés Larrea Savinovich

IA 7

Event ICC France (PAW)

(22 Sept. 2021)

François Vermeille,

Christophe Lapp

BR 1

Non-ICSID Arbitration: A Possible Future for Treaty


Andrea Carlevaris

BR 2

Arbitration of International Intellectual Property Disputes (2nd Ed.)

Thomas Legler

BR 3

Reinvigorating Private International Law for an Online World

(2019 ICC Institute Prize)

Graham Smith

BR 4

Arbitration in Egypt 

Walid Ben Hamida


Editors-in-Chief | Rédacteurs en chef

Julien Fouret
Yasmine Lahlou

Editorial Board | Comité de rédaction

Christian Albanesi
Stavros Brekoulakis
Farouk El-Hosseny
Karina Goldberg
Imad Khan
Sara Nadeau-Séguin
Damien Nyer
Olena Perepelynska
Sulabh Rewari
Rafael Rincon
Othmane Saadani
Michele Sabatini
Sabina Sacco
Leyou Tameru
Charis Tan
Sherlin Tung
Angeline Welsh
Jennifer Younan


M. Audit
Ahmed Abdel-Hakam
John Beechey
Walid Ben Hamida
Hjordis Birna Hjartardottir
Antonia Birt
Stephane Brabant
Andrea Carlevaris
Tan Chuan Thye SC
Antony Crockett
Greg Falkof
Kun Fan
Matthias Fekl
Gaspard Fiévet
Ziva Filipic
Julien Fouret
Marx Ikongbeh
Yasmine Lahlou
Christophe Lapp
Andrés Larrea Savinovich
Amanda Lees
Thomas Legler
Vikas Mahendra
Emily O Connor
Rachael O’Grady
Yejide B. Osunkeye
Alessa Pang
Avinash Poorooye
Ryham Ragab
Suraj Sajnani
Claudia Salomon
Eduardo Silva Romero
Graham Smith
Leyou Tameru
Alan J Thambiayah
François Vermeille
Cecilia Xu
Galina Zukova

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