ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin 2021 - Issue 2

No. E21BUL2

ISBN : 978-92-842-0597-4

The ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin includes sections on Doctrine, Case Decisions (Awards, Procedural Orders), Global Developments, ICC Activities, Book Reviews and ICC Dispute Resolution Practice and Procedure. The editorial board for the Bulletin is comprised of 20 arbitration and dispute resolution specialists from all parts of the world. The eBulletin is published three times a year. 

  • Message from Alexis Mourre, President of the ICC International Court of Arbitration
  • In Memoriam Emmanuel Gaillard, James Crawford
  • Interview with Alexis Mourre: Achievements and the Way Forward – Questions from the Editorial Board
  • Global Developments: News from Iraq, Uzbekistan, France, Russia, Spain, and Turkey
  • Commentary: International Arbitration with a Client Mindset, by Claudia Salomon, President-Elect of the ICC Court; Scope and Interpretation of Arbitration Agreements under Swiss Law, by Dr. Petra Rihar
  • ICC Commission Reports: Updated Reports ‘Issues for Arbitrators to Consider Regarding Experts’ and ‘Issues for Experts Acting Under the ICC Expert Rules or the ICC Rules of Arbitration
  • ICC Activities:  ICC Africa Commission Activity Review, Reports of ICC YAF events, ICC-IAM Mediation Roundtable, ICC SME Labs ‘Dispute Resolution Solutions That Won’t Break the Bank’: ‘ICC SIA & QMUL Symposium on Variations of Hardship and International Disputes, 16th ICC Turkey Arbitration Day
  • Three Book Reviews: Complex Arbitrations: Multi-Party, Multi-Contract and Multi-Issue – A Comparative Study (2nd Ed.); Enforcement of Investment Treaty Arbitration Awards (2nd Ed.); Arbitration in Africa under OHADA Rules
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Code ISBN : 978-92-842-0597-4
Number of pages : 129
Publishing date : 2021
Language : English
Format in cm : 21*29.7


>    Alexis Mourre: Message from the President..... 6

>   Alexis Mourre’s Inaugural Speech: ICC Brazilian Arbitration Day 2015.... 9

>    Samaa Haridi and Julien Fouret: Welcome from the Editors-in-Chief..... 13

>    Alexis Mourre: In Memoriam Emmanuel Gaillard.... 15

>   Mark W. Friedman: In Memoriam James Crawford.... 16

>   Interview with Alexis Mourre: Achievements and the Way Forward

Questions from the Editorial Board.... 18


>    Zainab Al Qurnawi

Iraq: Ratification of the New York Convention.... 22

>     Prof. Dr. Islambek Rustambekov

Uzbekistan: The New – and First – International Commercial Arbitration Law..... 25

>    Flore Poloni and Thibaud Roujou de Boubée

France: Breach of International Public Policy: Issues of Foreign Overriding Mandatory Rules and Embargoes.... 29

>    Sami Houerbi

France: Sorelec v. Libya: A Call for Vigilance to Prevent Corruption in Investor-State Arbitration.... 31

>     Thomas Voisin

France: Paris Court of Appeal Sets Aside an Investment Award Against Libya.... 34

>    Natalia Gulyaeva and Artyom Evseev

Russia: Russian Courts Continue Adopting a Pro-Arbitration Approach..... 37

>    Elena Gutierrez García de Cortázar

Spain: The Constitutional Court Narrows Judicial Scrutiny of Arbitral Awards..... 39

>    Simel Sarıalioğlu and Osman Pepeoğlu

Turkey: Regional Court of Appeals Firmly Rejects Public Policy Argument of ‘Excessive Arbitration Costs’.... 43


>   Claudia T. Salomon: International Arbitration with a Client Mindset.... 47

>    Dr. Petra Rihar: Scope and Interpretation of Arbitration Agreements under Swiss Law.... 55


>   Issues for Arbitrators to Consider Regarding Experts

An Updated Report of the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR... 63

>   Issues for Experts Acting Under the ICC Expert Rules or the ICC Rules of Arbitration

An Updated Report of the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR.... 79


>   Ndanga Kamau: Three Years Since the ICC Africa Commission Was Launched.... 95

>   Thierry Garby: ICC-IAM Roundtable: Co-Mediation in International Commercial Disputes.... 98

>   Harshad Pathak and Etisha Srivastav

ICC YAF: ‘Equality of Parties before International Investment Tribunals’.... 100

>   Mahamat Atteib

ICC YAF: Access to Arbitration in Africa and Disputes Arising in the Extractive Sector.... 104

>   Pascale Accaoui Lorfing: 36th ICC SIA & QMUL Annual Joint Symposium of Arbitrators: Variations of Hardship and International Disputes.... 108

>   Ayca Bengü Köksal and Melissa Balıkçı Sezen: 16th ICC Turkey Arbitration Day.... 112

>   Ana Virginia Bauder, Mehveş Erdem and Victoria R. Orlowski

ICC SME LABS: ICC Dispute Resolution Solutions That Won’t Break the Bank.... 115


>   Fernando Mantilla-Serrano

‘Complex Arbitrations’: A comprehensive, systematic and comparative analysis... 123

>   Michele Sabatini, LL.M.

‘Enforcement of Investment Treaty Arbitration Awards’: The Ultimate Travel Guide for Enforcement Seekers Around the Globe.... 125

>   Thomas Kendra

A Timely Reference Guide to OHADA Arbitration. 128

Editorial Board
Co-editors in-chief 
Julien Fouret 
Samaa Haridi 
Editorial board members 
Othmane Saadani 
Cecilia Azar 
Chiann Bao 
Utku Cosar 
Valeria Galindez 
Rémy Gerbay 
Daniel Kalderimis 
Tejas Karia 
Swee Yen Koh 
Yasmine Lahlou 
Reza Mohtashami 
Sara Nadeau-Séguin 
Ziad Obeid 
Ucheora Onwuamaegbu 
Damaso Riaño 
Sabina Sacco 
Galina Zukova 
Alberto Zuleta 

Contributors Issue 2 2021
Alexis Mourre 
Mark Friedman 
Zainab Al Qurnawi
Prof. Dr. Islambek Rustambekov 
Flore Poloni
Thibaud Roujou de Boubée 
Sami Houerbi 
Thomas Voisin  
Natalia Gulyaeva 
Artyom Evseev 
Elena Gutierrez García de Cortázar 
Simel Sarıalioğlu 
Osman Pepeoğlu
Claudia T. Salomon
Dr. Petra Rihar 
Ndanga Kamau 
Thierry Garby 
Harshad Pathak
Etisha Srivastav 
Mahamat Atteib 
Pascale Accaoui Lorfing 
Ayca Bengü Köksal
Melissa Balıkçı Sezen 
Mehveş Erdem 
Victoria Orlowski
Ana Bauder
Fernando Mantilla-Serrano 
Michele Sabatini, LL.M. 
T. Kendra 

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