ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin 2020 - Issue 3

No. E20BUL3

ISBN : 978-92-842-0582-0

ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin 2020 - Issue 3 includes:

  • Message from the President of the ICC International Court of Arbitration
  • Global Developments: News from the USA, Albania, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Turkey.
  • Commentary: ‘COVID-19: What Impact on Arbitrators?'
  • Practice and Procedure: ‘Language in ICC Arbitration: A Practical Approach’
  • ICC Commission Reports: ‘News from the ICC Commission on Arbitration and Work in Progress’; Keynote Speech ‘ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR in the next 100 years: Quo Vadis’.
  • ICC Activities: Reports from the ICC Court Regional Directors; ITA/IEL/ICC Conference on International Energy Arbitration; ICC/FIDIC Conference; ICC MENA Conference; 'Now Is the Right Time for ICC Mediation!’; ICC YAF: Virtual Hearings, Requirements, and How to Get the Most out of It.
  • Book Review: The ICSID Convention, Regulations and Rules: A Practical Commentary

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Code ISBN : 978-92-842-0582-0
Number of pages : 116
Publishing date : 2020
Language : English
Format in cm : 21*29.7


Alexis Mourre 

Message from the President... 6

Samaa Haridi and Julien Fouret
Welcome from the Editors-in-Chief... 9

Alexis Mourre
In Memoriam Piero Bernardini... 10

Alexis Mourre
In Memoriam François Perret... 11

Massimo Benedettelli
In Memoriam Giorgio Bernini... 12

Giuditta Cordero-Moss
In Memoriam Marco Weigmann... 13


Dana C. MacGrath
United States of America:Second Circuit Rules in Hanwei Guo
that Section 1782 Does Not Apply to Private Commercial Arbitrations... 15

Sarah E. Reynolds
United States of America: United States Supreme Court Rules
That New York Convention Does Not Preclude Non-Signatories From
Enforcing Arbitration Agreements... 18

Neritan Kallfa and Eriola Sovali
Albania: An Overview of International Arbitration in Albania... 20

René Offersen
Denmark: Public Policy as Ground for Refusing Recognition or
Enforcement of International Arbitral Awards... 23

Elena Gutierrez García de Cortázar
Spain: The Constitutional Court Significantly Limits the Scope
of Public Policy as Ground for Annulment of Awards and Reaffirms
Full Respect for Arbitration... 26

Hanno Wehland
Switzerland: The Federal Supreme Court Has for the First Time
Set Aside an Investment Treaty Arbitration Award... 29

Annet van Hooft
The Netherlands: Reinstatement of the Yukos Awards... 33

Yalın Akmenek, Demet Kaşarcıoğlu, Ceyda Sıla Çetinkaya
Turkey: Turkish Court of Cassation’s Pro-Arbitration Approach... 36


Catherine Schroeder
COVID-19: What Impact on Arbitrators?... 41


Aurélien Zuber and Sébastien Pépin
Language in ICC Arbitration: A Practical Approach... 49


Hélène van Lith
News from the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR and
Work in Progress... 61

Michael McIlwrath
‘ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR in the next 100 years: Quo Vadis’... 65


Marek Krasula, Katherine González Arrocha, Laetitia de Montalivet, Sami Houerbi, Dania Fahs,
Mingchao Fan, Abhinav Bhushan
From the ICC Court Regional Directors: Overview of the Dispute Resolution
Panorama and Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic ... 70

Ankita Ritwik
8th ITA-IEL-ICC Joint Conference on International Energy Arbitration... 85

Katherine Spyrides and Estefanía Fierro Valle
ICC-FIDIC Conference on International Construction Contracts... 88

Celine Abi Habib Kanakri
8th ICC MENA Conference on International Arbitration... 97

Roland Kläger, Sebastiano Nessi, Emmanuel E. Kaufman
ICC YAF Online Event: Virtual Hearings. Requirements, Procedure
and How to Get the Most out of It... 103

ICC International Centre for ADR
Webinar: ‘Now Is the Right Time for ICC Mediation!’
(‘La médiation ICC, c’est maintenant !’)*... 106


Gabriele Ruscalla
The ICSID Convention between Tradition and Evolution...114



Julien Fouret

Samaa Haridi


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Othmane Saadani

Cecilia Azar

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