ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin 2020 - Issue 2

No. E20BUL2

ISBN : 978-92-842-0577-6

The ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin includes sections on Doctrine, Case Decisions (Awards, Procedural Orders), Global Developments, ICC Activities, Book Reviews and ICC Dispute Resolution Practice and Procedure. The editorial board for the Bulletin is comprised of 20 arbitration and dispute resolution specialists from all parts of the world. The eBulletin is published three times a year.  

Issue 2 - 2020 of the ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin

  • Message from the President of the ICC International Court of Arbitration
  • ICC Dispute Resolution 2019 Statistics
  • Global Developments: News from Egypt, Poland, Portugal, United Arab Emirates and United States of America.
  • Articles:
  • ‘The Three Ages of International Commercial Arbitration and the Development of the ICC Arbitration System’;
  • ‘Security for costs and Claim under the ICC Rules of Arbitration : Rare, but Possible. A Survey of 23 ICC Procedural Orders and Final Awards’ – Selected ICC Procedural Orders;
  • ‘Good Faith in International Arbitration: Comparative Approaches in ICC Awards’ – Selected ICC Awards.
  • ICC Guidance Note on Possible Measures Aimed at Mitigating the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • ICC Activities: 17th ICC Miami Conference ; 15th ICC Mediation Competition – Professional Roundtable
  • Book Reviews : Mediation in International Commercial and Investment Disputes ; New York Convention : Article-by-Article Commentary (2nd edition)

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Code ISBN : 978-92-842-0577-6
Number of pages : 182
Publishing date : 2020
Language : English
Alexis Mourre

Message from the President... 6

Samaa Haridi and Julien Fouret
Welcome from the Editors-in-Chief... 8

Alexis Mourre
In Memoriam Stephen R. Bond... 9

Julien Fouret
In Memoriam Rudolf Dolzer... 10

Corinne Nguyen
In Memoriam Pierre Gabriel... 10

Abhinav Bhushan
In Memoriam Vinayak Pradhan... 11

Chiann Bao
In Memoriam Tang Houzhi... 11



Jose F. Sanchez
United States of America: Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. §1782(a), Some Courts
in the US May Order a Person that Resides or Is Found in the US to Produce Evidence for Use in a Commercial Arbitration Seated Outside the US... 42

Maciej Jamka and Dominika Sarek
Poland: New Amendment on the Arbitrability of Corporate Disputes:Challenges and Risks ... 46

Sofia Martins
Portugal: Lisbon Court of Appeals Denies Security Pending Suspension of Recognition of Foreign ICC Award ... 51

Ibrahim Shehata
Egypt: Partial Refusal to Enforce Award Brings Out Interest Rates Public Policy Dilemma ... 55

Kim Rosenberg
United Arab Emirates: Guerrilla Tactics regarding Arbitration Agreements ... 58


Mikaël Schinazi
The Three Ages of International Commercial Arbitration and the Development of the ICC Arbitration System* ... 63


Samaa A. F. Haridi
Security for Costs and Claim Under the ICC Rules of Arbitration: Rare, but Possible
A Survey of 23 ICC Procedural Orders and Final Awards... 77

Appendix: Published ICC Procedural Orders and Final Awards
Addressing Requests for Security for Costs and/or Claim... 84

Security for Costs: Selected ICC Procedural Orders... 98

Simon Weber and Julie Martinez
Good Faith in International Arbitration: Comparative Approaches in ICC Awards... 112

Good Faith: Selected ICC Awards... 123


ICC Guidance Note on Possible Measures Aimed at Mitigating the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic... 142

Annex I: Checklist for a protocol on virtual hearings... 147

Annex II: Suggested clauses for cyber-protocols and procedural orders dealing with the organisation of virtual hearings... 149

Annex to Procedural Order: Technical/Technological Requirements
[to be discussed/agreed with the parties – case specific]... 152


Murray Armes
ICC International Centre for ADR: 15th ICC Mediation Competition – Professionals Roundtable ... 154

Krystle Baptista Serna, Julian Bordaçahar, Ricardo Chirinos, Estefanía Fierro Valle,
Javier Jaramillo Troya, Gustavo Laborde, María Julia Milesi, Juan Pedro Pomés, Diego Romero
ICC Events: 17th ICC Miami Conference... 157

book reviews

Martin Hauser
What Makes Parties Choose Commercial and Investment Mediation?... 175

Dr Michael C Pryles AO PBM
The New York Convention Commentary and the Need to Promote a Consistent Interpretation... 180



Julien Fouret

Samaa Haridi


Editorial board members

Othmane Saadani

Cecilia Azar

Chiann Bao

Utku Cosar

Valeria Galindez

Rémy Gerbay

Daniel Kalderimis

Tejas Karia

Swee Yen Koh

Yasmine Lahlou

Reza Mohtashami

Sara Nadeau-Séguin

Ziad Obeid

Ucheora Onwuamaegbu

Dámaso Riaño

Sabina Sacco

Galina Zukova

Alberto Zuleta