This volume of ICC Banking Commission Opinions contains the Opinions that were approved by the Commission in 2018 and in 2019. 

It represents the latest in a series of Commission Opinions book that contain the texts of the Opinions approved in a particular period. 

Code ISBN : 978-92-842-0526-4
Number of pages : 62
Publishing date : 2020
Language : English


Chapter 1 - Opinions on UCP 600 

Chapter 2 - Opinions on ISBP 745 

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About the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) 

ICC - edited by Gary Collyer 

From November 1996 until June 2013, Gary Collyer was the Senior Technical Adviser to the International Chamber of Commerce, where he was primarily responsible for providing numerous opinions related to the application and interpretation of ICC rules. In his ICC role, Gary has been chair of the ICC Working Group for the development of the ISP98, the strategy for a revision of UCP500 and a member of the ICC Working Groups for the development and subsequent revision of URR525 and e-UCP.

More recently, he was chair of the Working Group for drafting UCP 600, ISBP 681 and 745, and URBPO. Editor of seven ICC opinion and DOCDEX publications, he is also the editor of the 5th edition CDCS syllabus book Guide to Documentary Credits (2015), also editor of the International Trade Finance publication (9th edition) (2007). He has also produced eleven volumes of frequently asked questions under UCP 600. He is a regular lead speaker at ICC and other external seminar events on a global basis. Gary also holds the title of ‘Visiting Professor’ with the IFS.

On April 1, 2006 Collyer Consulting LLP was created with the sole aim of providing banks and corporates with consultancy services ranging from a traditional consultancy role through to development of training material, review of legal documentation and the provision of consistent, accurate and up to date information relating to existing offerings, new initiatives and developments in international trade. The company name changed in September 2013 to Collyer Consulting Global Ltd.

Until October 31, 2006 Gary was Corporate Director and Global Head of Traditional Trade Services, Trade Finance and Product Delivery for the Transaction Banking Group at ABN AMRO Bank N.V. Based in London, he was responsible for the development of the trade service and trade finance products including the tailored design and implementation of solutions on a global basis. In addition, he had global responsibility for the continued development and delivery from a product management perspective including the underlying policies, documentation and procedures for traditional trade services solutions (i.e. Letters of Credit, Collections, Guarantees, etc.) and trade finance.

Prior to joining ABN AMRO, Gary was vice president and senior technical adviser at Citibank N.A., London from August 1998 until May 2002. Gary started his banking career in 1973 with Midland Bank plc in London (which subsequently was acquired by HSBC), progressing to manager of the Letter of Credit Department and senior technical adviser.