ICC Model International Franchising Contract

No. E712E

ISBN : 978-92-842-0242-3

Simple, user-friendly, flexible

International direct franchises are a rapidly expanding business instrument and make a considerable contribution to growth in various industry sectors. A lack of uniform international rules complicates matters though. The ICC Model International Franchising Contract responds to a growing need for a simple and user-friendly model contract that reflects the diversity of franchising contracts.

Explanations and Commentary for an even more efficient use

This update includes a significantly expanded introduction. It provides valuable information for users on issues such as anti-trust rules and questions of laws applicable to franchises. A helpful commentary offers alternative drafting solutions adapted to more specific needs and identifies potential pitfalls.


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Code ISBN : 978-92-842-0242-3
Number of pages : 56
Publishing date : 2011
Language : English
Format in cm : 19.8*29.4 / EBook: link to the Word version.



1.    Article 1: Definitions

2.    Article 2: Good faith and fair dealing

3.    Article 3: Grant of the franchise

4.    Article 4: Scope of the agreement - main obligations of the parties

5.    Article 5: Legal status of the Franchisee

6.    Article 6: Premises

7.    Article 7: Territorial exclusivity

8.    Article 8: Use of the Internet

9.    Article 9: Non-competition obligation

10.  Article 10: Provision of Know-how

11.  Article 11: Manual 29

12.  Article 12: Changes to the System

13.  Article 13: Training of the Franchisee

14.  Article 14: Assistance of the Franchisee

15.  Article 15: Operation of the Business

16.  Article 16: Advertising

17.  Article 17: Obligation of confidentiality

18.  Article 18: Obligation to maintain an insurance policy

19.  Article 19: Franchisor’s representations and obligations regarding IP Rights

20.  Article 20: Franchisee’s representations and obligations regarding IP Rights

21.  Article 21: Franchisor’s obligations regarding the supply of the Products

22.  Article 22: Franchisee’s obligations regarding the resale of the Products

23.  Article 23: Fees

24.  Article 24: Terms of payment and security

25.  Article 25: Term and renewal

26.  Article 26: Grounds for immediate termination

27.  Article 27: Effects/obligations upon termination

28.  Article 28: No goodwill indemnity

29.  Article 29: Transfer of the Contract by the Franchisor

30.  Article 30: Transfer of the Contract by the Franchisee

31.  Article 31: Applicable law

32.  Article 32: Resolution of disputes

33.  Article 33: Final clauses


Annex 1: IP Rights

Annex 2: Premises

Annex 3: Products

Annex 4: Territory

Annex 5: Initial Training

Annex 6: Index

Annex 7: General conditions of sale

Annex 8: Summary of the Manual

Annex 9: Minimum sales requirements


Appendix I: ICC Force Majeure Clause 2003

Appendix II:Unidroit Principles 2004