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When companies are starting out, invoicing is pretty straightforward. It’s when the volume of customers increases that it starts to become a challenge. This is when digitizing invoicing becomes essential to a business’s ability to continue to grow.

The E-Invoicing Solutions Certificate (ESC) is designed to provide a comprehensive and practical knowledge of the processes and benefits of implementing e-invoicing solutions to grow your business. The programme covers what e-invoicing entails, the steps required to adopt it, as well as the key things to note in order to ensure successful implementation.

Created alongside Mastercard, in partnership with Basware and Xero, this ICC programme leverages a deep understanding of the digital payment ecosystem.  For the last 50 years, Mastercard has been helping SMEs digitize and improve access to credit.

Number of teaching lessons : 5 Lessons Duration : 3 hours
Level : Language: English
Credit category :

Business owners and management teams, export and import managers

  • Reduce stress around finance and administration and instead focus on growing your business
  • Support your business growth by improving your working capital and efficiency
  • Enable easy access to business records to improve access to finance and lending
  • Learn to build a solid business case for the company to ensure an effective transformation

Finance and operations teams, trade lawyers, trade promotion executives

  • Understand the true cost of a traditional ‘paper invoice’ and the impact of traditional methods on working capital
  • Learn to recognise which items in the end-to-end process can be documented and digitized
  • Improve supplier relations and negotiate better payment schemes
  • Learn from a company that transformed their collections process – before & after


  • Understand the challenges SMEs face with paper processes
  • Understand the benefits that can accrue from digitizing these processes
  • See case studies of how SMEs have used digital solutions to improve efficiency and effectiveness of their internal processes

Our final exam consists of a 60-minute examination which is live proctored via the internet. The passing grade is 70% minimum. Upon passing the examination, learners will be issued an accredited certificate for the programme.

Lesson 1: Traditional Methods

  • Identify the importance of proper capital management
  • Discover the impact of traditional methods upon working capital
  • Recognise the pros and cons of digital transformation

Lesson 2: E-Invoicing Overview

  • Define what an e-invoice is
  • Explain how e-invoicing works
  • Distinguish the steps to successfully implement e-invoicing

Lesson 3: Going Digital

  • Identify the positive impact of moving from paper to electronic invoice processing
  • Recognize the end-to-end process that identifies which can be documented and be digitized
  • Discover how to increase transparency as well as reduce errors and fraud

Lesson 4: Industry Case Studies

  • Examine six sample case studies that recap what you have learned in the first three lessons
  • The case studies will demonstrate how simple solutions can remedy problems often seen in the trade sector

Lesson 5: Assessment

  • This section will test your knowledge on what you have learned so far and aims to equip you with the skills and context you will need in the field and prepare you for the final exam

Peter Rand, Regional Head of SME. Commercial Payments Director Business Development