Collections - Comprehensive training in Documentary Collections (URC522)

Collections online training is designed to provide your staff with the basics in international trade finance, while also providing an in-depth knowledge of collections processes and the ICC's Uniform Rules for Collections, URC 522.

Library of Resources
Access is also provided to a comprehensive library of Documentary Collections materials including:

  • Full text of the URC 522 Rules
  • Full text of the URC Commentary publication
  • All ICC opinions issued in relation to URC 522 (and URC 322)
  • Sample Commercial Documents
  • Sample Financial Documents
  • Extensive Glossary of Trade Terms
  • Translations of key terms in International Trade in 5 languages
Number of teaching lessons : 3 Duration : 3 hours
Level : 1 Language: English
Credit category :

URC 522: Collections Online Training

A comprehensive assessment is provided so users can test their knowledge of URC 522 and collections procedures.

The training outlines the different methods of settlement available in international trade before going on to examine documentary collections and URC 522 in detail.

3 Interactive Lessons

The three interactive lessons serve to provide a firm foundation in the operation of Collection processes and the application of URC 522.

The trainee is guided through all key areas of Collections work, from the information to include in a 'Collection Instruction' to how payment is made under Collections. All learning points are linked to context sensitive provisions of URC 522.

3 Practical Case Studies

Collections online training presents three interactive case studies designed to give the user different experiences with URC 522 and real life collections procedures. The user learns by doing and follows a series of steps, taking actions and making decisions while receiving on-the-spot feedback.

The training content is written by top experts from the ICC.

Each member of your staff can be trained to an ICC approved standard regardless of location. Every trainee receives an ‘ICC Certificate of Achievement’ on completion of a course indicating their personal results.

The training courses come complete with a Learning Management System so organisations can easily manage allocation of the training and keep track of trainees’ progress and results.

Value for money
With prices starting at €300 per trainee – and discounts for volume orders – Collections online training is a very cost effective way to train your staff.

Discounts are offered for multiple orders as follows:

  • 1 to 9 trainees - €300 / trainee
  • 10 to 49 trainees - €250 / trainee
  • 50+ trainees - €200 / trainee

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