C4DTI Digital Trade Conference and Awards

17-18 Apr 2024

London English
Start (Virtual day): 10:00 BST | 11:00 CET || End: 15:00 BST | 16:00 CET

The ICC United Kingdom Digital Trade Conference (DTC) is the annual, international, flagship event for ICC UK Centre for Digital Trade and Innovation (C4DTI). In 2024, the conference will focus on the practical benefits of digitalising the trade ecosystem and discussing the “HOW” & with “WHAT RESULT”.

Tickets for the conference and awards ceremony must be bought separately.

The digitalisation of the trade ecosystem offers business a real opportunity to radically improve efficiency, profitability and productivity whilst unlocking innovation and growth. This includes the possibility to now integrate trade data, previously buried on pieces of paper, with sustainability data to improve the quality of ESG reporting.

The current trading system is antiquated, costly and inefficient with 4 billion pieces of paper flowing through the trade ecosystem at any given time, and up to 40 documents in a single trade transaction.

Despite all the investment into customs digitalisation, this has not delivered a paperless trading system with only 1-2% of trade documents handled in digital form worldwide. However, trade digitalisation is happening and the recent Electronic Trade Documents Act 2023 has been a huge game changer, removing the requirement to handle documents of title in paper form for every company using English law worldwide.

The prize is vast; $9 trillion in trade growth across the G7 and $2 trillion across The Commonwealth, plus $750 billion in additional trade finance and an 80% cut in trade transaction costs. Interoperability of platforms, processes, and systems is the solution to reaching scale and realising these economic benefits.

The future will be very different and fully digital. Trade digitalisation will help us make trade cheaper, faster, simpler and more sustainable especially for SMEs and supply chains who feel the burden of paper and bureaucracy the most. 

The UK is leading the world in this space as a global champion on trade digitalisation at G7, G20, WTO and through the UK border strategy, single trade window, FTAs/DEAs.


By attending, you will learn the following:

-        Insights and lessons learnt from the ICC C4DTI “Trade Digitalisation in Action – The Business Case” report highlighting results of programme

-        Practical guidance on how to digitalise your trade transactions

-        Benefits realisation – how to achieve a competitive advantage, cost savings and efficiency gains

-        Find out how to take your first steps in digitalising trade transactions

-        Discuss the implementation of digital trade transactions with leading industry experts

-        Movers and shakers of the industry – who to work with 

Day 1 – Wednesday 17 April
Day 2 – Thursday 18 April

Virtual (UK Time), Zoom Webinar

Fundamentals of the digital trade ecosystem – talking about a revolution 



Webinar 1 

How do we start revolutionising the existing global digital trade ecosystem? 


Moderator: Chris Southworth, Secretary-General, ICC United Kingdom  



  • Pamela Mar, Managing Director, ICC Digital Standards Initiative  
  • Max Hacon, Programme Director, HM Revenue & Customs  
  • Yann Duval, Chief, Trade Facilitation Unit, Trade and Investment Division, UNESCAP 
  • Claire Rowley, Head of Business Operations, GLEIF 



Webinar 2 

How can SMEs digitalise their trade processes? 


Moderator: TBC 



  • Geraldina Iraheta, Chief Commercial Officer, Digital Catapult  
  • David Dixon, Made Smarter Project Lead, Teeside University 
  • Kate Foster, Head of International Affairs, FSB  
  • Luca Galbiati, Director, Abercore 


In-person (UK time), Deloitte, 2 New Street Square, London, EC4A 3BZ

Accelerating the implementation of digital trade – market delivery – the essential elements









Ben Powell / Lee Simpson, Deloitte 



Market infrastructure and collaboration 


Chris Southworth, Secretary General, ICC United Kingdom 





What’s wrong with the current system and why does it need fixing? 


Interviewer: Nick Davies, Director, Centre for Digital Trade and Innovation 



  • Bruna Romano, Director Global Customs & Trade Compliance, PUMA  
  • Jaya Vohra, Managing Director, Global Head of Trade & Working Capital Product & Client Management, Barclays Bank 




Panel Discussion 

The business case for digitalisation: A corporate perspective  


Moderator: Natalie Milsom, Commercial Director, ICC United Kingdom 



  • Nick Reeks, Director IT, Tata Steel  
  • Grant Hunter, Director for Standards, Innovation and Research, BIMCO  
  • Miles Rothbury, Group Treasurer, Boohoo 
  • Markus Wohlgeschaffen, Managing Director & Head of Markets and Sales, Traxpay 


40 mins 

Panel Discussion 

The roadmap towards interoperability:  Enabling digitalisation throughout the supply chain 


A huge amount of progress has been made towards trade digitalisation in recent years but systems interoperability remains one of the key challenges to overcome. Public utility architecture and common standards are paramount to success. Without cohesive systems, it is extremely difficult for industry stakeholders to know where to commit their time and resources.  


In this session, standards bodies, systems providers and supply chain actors will share insights on when changes are happening, offer digital  solutions and share best practice examples. Panellists will discuss how they can work together with businesses throughout the supply chain to make interoperability a reality and ensure cheaper, faster, simpler trade.  


Moderator: Sean Edwards, Chairman, International Trade and Forfaiting Association  



  • Hannah Nguyen, Director–Digital Ecosystems, Digital Standards Initiative (Remote) 
  • Niels Nuyens, Head of Digital Trade, Digital Container Shipping Association (Remote) 
  • Dietmar Jost, Advisor, Customs and Security, Global Express Association 


30 mins 


Networking break 


45 mins 

Panel Discussion 

Removing paper bills of lading from trade   


Moderator: TBC 



  • Lars Karlsson, Global Head of Trade and Customs Consulting, A.P. Møller-Maersk 


40 mins 

Panel Discussion 

Trade Finance Focus - How to unlock digitalisation? 


Moderator: Wayne Mills, Corporate Finance Advisor to Corporate Digitalisation Taskforce, ICC United Kingdom 



  • Dominic Broom, SVP Working Capital Technology, Arqit 
  • Parvaiz Dalal, Managing Director, Global Head Payables Finance, Citi 
  • Shobhit Singh - Head of Trade Finance, Concentrates, Trafigura  


60 mins 




60 mins 

Breakout (Invitation only) 

The financial benefits of digitalising global supply chains - CFO roundtable  


Moderator: Naresh Aggarwal, Associate Director Policy & Technical, Association of Corporate Treasurers  



60 mins 


Panel Discussion 

Is the law enabling or hindering the transition to digitalised trade? 


Moderator: TBC 



  • Luca Castellani, Legal Officer, UNCITRAL (Remote) 
  • Martina Ferracane, Professor of International Trade, Teeside University 
  • John Taylor, Co-Founder, Centre for Applied Sustainable Transition Law  


30 mins 


Networking break 


30 mins 


Panel Discussion 

How can the digitalisation of trade enable a more transparent and sustainable supply chain? 


Moderator: TBC 



  • Emmanuelle Ganne, Senior Analyst, WTO  


15 mins 

Keynote Address 


Baroness Neville-Rolfe, Minister of State  



15 mins 


Round up and takeaways 


Chris Southworth, Secretary General, ICC United Kingdom 



50 mins 


Networking drinks 

Awards Ceremony

In-person, Lincoln's Inn, London, WC2A 3TL




Drinks Reception 

















David Dixon

Made Smarter Project Lead, Teeside University

Max Hacon

Programme Director, HM Revenue and Customs

Grant Hunter

Director for Standards, Innovation and Research, BIMCO

Geraldine Iraheta

Chief Commercial Officer, Digital Catapult

Pamela Mar

Managing Director, ICC Digital Standards Initiative

Baroness Neville-Rolfe

Minister of State

Dates & Venues

Day 1 – online

Day 2 – Deloitte, 1 New Street Square, London, EC4A 3HQ

Awards Ceremony – Great Hall, Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, Lincoln’s Inn, London, WC3A 3TL

Working languages English
Cancellation policy

We are more than happy to accept name changes to your guest list but once the booking form has been returned no refunds will be given.

In the circumstances where the 2024 C4DTI Digital Trade Awards are postponed or cancelled all bookings will either be carried forward to a future Awards event or refunds will be offered.

We shall not be liable to you for travel, accommodation, or other costs if we are required to cancel the Event as a result of an event outside our control (including, without limitation, to acts of God, floods, lightning, storm, fire, explosion, war, military operations, acts of terrorism or threats of any such acts, any strike action, lock-outs or other industrial action and a pandemic, epidemic or other widespread illness)

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ICC UK Digital Marketing & Communications Manager

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ICC UK Commercial Director

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