Addressing Issues of Corruption in Commercial and Investment Arbitration - Institute Dossier XIII

No. P768E

ISBN : 978-92-842-0310-9

Corruption is one of the most difficult issues facing international arbitrators today. This publication addresses the issue of corruption in arbitration in a systematic way. It balances theoretical and practical considerations, takes into account the different perspectives of the parties, counsel and arbitral tribunal, and clearly distinguishes between commercial and investment arbitration.

The topics covered include the impact of corruption on “gateway issues” of arbitrability, jurisdiction, admissibility and procedure; the arbitrator’s rights and duties to investigate and report corruption. It also addresses the most recent thinking and case law on the burden and standard of proof for allegations of corruption as well as the consequences and effects of allegations or positive findings of corruption on the dispute on the merits and the enforceability of the award respectively.

The book identifies best and worst practices and equips the reader with tools and techniques to meet the challenge of corruption head on.

Code ISBN : 978-92-842-0310-9
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Number of pages : 213
Publishing date : 2015
Language : English
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Dossier XIII of the ICC Institute of World Business Law 


Yves Derains 

Introduction: Defi and Scope of the Topic

Domitille Baizeau  

Introduction: Défi et portée des enjeux

Domitille Baizeau  


1    Yas Banifatemi

The Impact of Corruption on “Gateway Issues” of Arbitrability, Jurisdiction, Admissibility and Procedural Issues    

2   Aloysius P. Llamzon

On Corruption’s Peremptory Treatment in International Arbitration   

3   Hiroyuki Tezuka

Corruption Issues in the Jurisdictional Phase of Investment Arbitrations    

4  Vladimir Khvalei

Standards of Proof for Allegations of Corruption in International Arbitration    

5   Andrea J. Menaker and Brody K. Greenwald

Proving Corruption in International Arbitration   

6  Sébastien Besson

Corruption and Arbitration   

7   Nassib G. Ziadé

Addressing Allegations and Findings of Corruption   

8   Thomas K. Sprange QC

Corruption in Arbitration   

9  Edoardo Marcenaro

Arbitrators’ Investigative and Reporting Rights and Duties on Corruption   

10  Matthew Gearing QC and Roanna Kwong

The Common Law Consequences and Effects of Allegations or a Positive Finding of Corruption   

11   Juan Fernández-Armesto

The Effects of a Positive Finding of Corruption   

12   Sophie Nappert

Raising Corruption as a Defence in Investment Arbitration   

13   Carita Wallgren-Lindholm

Consequences and Effects of Allegations or of a Positive Finding of Corruption   

Concluding Remarks: Corruption and International Arbitration

Richard Kreindler    




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Domitille Baizeau

Richard Kreindler 


Yves Derains

Domitille Baizeau

Yas Banifatemi

Aloysius P. Llamzon

Hiroyuki Tezuka

Vladimir Khvalei

Andrea Menaker

Sébastien Besson

Nassib G. Ziadé

Thomas Sprange

Edoardo Marcenaro

Matthew Gearing

Roanna Kwong

Juan Fernández-Armesto

Sophie Nappert

Carita Wallgren-Lindholm

Richard Kreindler