The safety and wellbeing of participants in ICC events is a fundamental concern of the organisation. Registration and participation in an in-person ICC event requires that you adhere to health and safety measures implemented by the organisers and that you agree to comply with those measures at all times. Those measures may vary depending on local health and safety considerations including government regulations and guidelines, and rules governing the venue.

Participants at ICC events accept the risk of change of health and safety obligations and its impact

on measures implemented by organisers which may include: showing a valid health pass, social distancing, use of tracing devices, wearing masks, temperature measurement, use of hydro-alcoholic gel, limiting number of participants and restricting their physical gathering, holding the meeting virtually, limiting catering services.

By registering to an ICC event, you undertake to be able to show official proof of:

  1. full vaccination with at least 10 days since the date of the last vaccination recognised by local authorities; or
  2. an official certificate evidencing full recovery accepted by local authorities in the country of the event. 

Alternatively when such a proof of full vaccination can’t be legally imposed due to local regulations you undertake to be able to show official proof of either:

  1. a negative COVID-19 test recognised by local authorities or alternatively PCR or lateral flow test taken within 48 hours of the event commencing; or
  2. the presence of COVID-19 antibodies (recovery from COVID-19 for at least 15 days and within the last 120 days). 

Such proofs will be requested by the organisers from all participants prior to or upon arrival at the event, as appropriate. 

If you are not in a position to give evidence as requested by the organisers despite your commitment to do so, the organisers reserve the right to deny you entry to the event.