29 Sep 2022

Online Ukrainian and English
10:00 CEST

The need to rebuild Ukraine creates a significant number of investment-attractive projects that will contribute to the formation of a new economy of a free European country. The implementation of such projects will become an integral part of the recovery plan, its driving force in terms of the development of entrepreneurship and the involvement of Ukrainian business in regional and global supply chains. Annual private investment in projects for the reconstruction of Ukraine worth billions of US dollars is a real opportunity that requires careful preparation and quality implementation.

To present existing opportunities and attract the attention of the international business community to them, UkraineInvest holds an international forum with the participation of leading representatives of the business and expert environment of Ukraine and the world. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is a general partner for the event which will feature ICC Secretary General John W.H. Denton as a keynote speaker.

During the event, delegates will be able to familiarize themselves with sectoral research and investment projects in the fields of agro-processing, logistics, mechanical engineering, and production of construction materials for a total amount of more than 1 billion US dollars.

Understanding the need for special mechanisms to stimulate investments in this difficult period, the organizers will begin the event with a discussion of the possibilities of insurance for private investments and other important topics for investors. We invite everyone to join the forum online.

Detailed programme available on Ukraineinvest website

Introductory session (90 min)

Topics for discussion:

  • Ukraine's economy- current sttatus and development forecasts;
  • Promoting stability of the investment market (rebuilding Ukraine with the private sector, insurance of private investments, blended finance, regulatory policy, state support);
  • the investor's view of his role and participation in the country's recovery.

Speakers: Government representatives, UkraineInvest, experts and investment community.

Presentation panels (75 minutes each)

І.  Agro Processing
Presentation of sectoral research and investment projects:

  • grain processing;
  • meat food products and dairy complex;
  • production of organic products (satisfying demand in the EU);
  • means of protection and development of agricultural products, product certification.

ІІ. Logistics
Presentation of sectoral research and investment projects:

  • restoration of logistics capacities to meet the needs of trade and production;
  • development of logistics hubs near borders and large airports;
  • automation in the logistics industry;
  • development of land logistics partnership with EU countries. 

ІІІ. Production of building materials
Presentation of sectoral research and investment projects:

  • reconstruction of Ukraine with domestic materials;
  • modern technologies in the production of building materials. 

IV. Engineering
Presentation of sectoral research and investment projects:

  • agricultural machinery;
  • automotive industry;
  • production of electric batteries and electric vehicles.

Speakers List available on Ukraineinvest website

Date and venue

29 September 2022

Online event 

Working language Simultaneous Ukr-Eng and Eng-Ukr translation

For further information, please visit Ukraineinvest website