ICC YAF: The Framework and Rules Governing the Arbitration Proceedings

15 Dec 2020

Online Turkish
Start: 07.00 (New York) | 13.00 (Paris) | 15:00 (Istanbul) | 20.00 (Singapore)

On this fifth session of the certificate program on the ICC Arbitration Rules, we will present Articles 16 to 24 of the ICC Arbitration Rules governing the framework and rules as to the conduct of the arbitration proceedings. The rules in question govern an extensive scope as to the arbitration procedure. Panellists will approach each subject separately.

Who should attend?

All young arbitration and ADR practitioners 40 years and under, regardless of their professional background. 

15:00 - 15:15

Introductory Remarks

15:15 - 15:30

Transmission of the File to the Arbitral Tribunal, Proof of Authority and Language of the Arbitration


Conduct of the Arbitration


Place of the Arbitration and Rules Governing the Proceedings


Q & A


Terms of Reference


Case Management Conference and Procedural Timetable

16:55 -17:10

Applicable Rules of Law to the Merits


Q & A

Selim Can Bilgin

Senior Associate, Kabine Law Office

Ceren Çakır

Lawyer, ICC YAF Representative for Turkey

Elif Naz Çiftçi

Research Assistant, Gedik University Faculty of Law

Zeynep Ü. Kahveci

Research Assistant, İstanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Law

Gülce Keskin

Senior Associate, Kabine Law Office

Melis Sılacı Korkmaz

Secretary General, ISTA (Istanbul Arbitration Association)

Associate, Gün + Partners

Alp Özzeybek

Senior Associate, Kabine Law Office

For further information, please contact:

Ceren Çakır

ICC YAF Representative for Turkey




Kabine Law office