ICC YAF: Mediating COVID-19 Disputes: Quick, low-cost, consensual – perfect tool?

23 Sep 2020

Online English
17.30h (CET)

The COVID-19 pandemic has suddenly and severely disturbed many business relationships, thereby increasing the potential for disputes. This YAF event seeks to discuss the role and value of mediation as a means to resolve disputes induced by the COVID-19 pandemic from different perspectives.

A distinguished and international panel of experts, bringing together the perspectives of a mediator, an arbitrator, a counsel, an in-house lawyer and an institution, will explore and provide guidance to pressing questions: What types of disputes are caused by the pandemic? What are the needs of companies in handling such disputes? What are the advantages and disadvantages of mediation in resolving COVID-19 induced disputes? How does mediation compare to other forms of dispute resolution and how could it be combined with arbitration? We aim to share experiences among panellists and participants and to spark a lively online debate.

Who should attend?

  • All lawyers specialising in dispute resolution
  • in-house counsel
  • entrepreneurs with an interest in dispute resolution
  • and (upcoming) mediators and arbitrators.


Opening Remarks

  • Roland Kläger


Panel Discussion

  • Andreas Hacke (moderator)
  • Nadia Darwazeh
  • Elizabeth Hincapié Hincapié
  • Tilman Niedermaier
  • Cezary Rogula
  • Anna-Maria Svinhufvud

Nadia Darwazeh

Partner, Clyde & Co, Paris

Andreas Hacke

Partner, Zwanzig Hacke Meilke & Partner, Düsseldorf

Elizabeth Hincapié Hincapié

Legal Director EMEA, Harsco Rail, Düsseldorf

Roland Kläger

ICC YAF Representative, Partner, Haver & Mailänder, Stuttgart

Tilman Niedermaier

Partner, CMS, Munich

Cezary Rogula

Rogula Law & Mediation Office, Krakow

Anna-Maria Svinhufvud

Deputy Manager, ICC International Centre for ADR, Paris

For further information, please contact:

Dr Roland Kläger