ICC YAF: Arbitral Awards and Costs of the Arbitration

07 Apr 2021

Online Turkish
08.00 (New York) | 14.00 (Paris) | 15:00 (Istanbul) | 20.00 (Singapore)
This is a free event.

In this seventh and final session of the certificate program on the ICC Arbitration Rules, we will present Articles 31 to 43 of the ICC Arbitration Rules governing the procedural rules on rendering the final award, its scrutiny process, notification, deposit, enforceability, correction, interpretation, decision as to the costs of the arbitration and miscellaneous provisions as to modified time limits, waiver, limitation of liability, governing law and settlement of disputes.

Who should attend?

All young arbitration and ADR practitioners 40 years and under, regardless of their professional background. 


Introductory Remarks


Time Limit For the Final Award and Modification of the Time Limits under the Rules


Scrutiny of the Award by the ICC Court


Q & A


Rules on Rendering the Final Arbitral Awards and their Notification, Deposit, Enforceability, Correction and Interpretation / Governing Law and Settlement of Disputes


Advance to Cover the Costs and Decision as to the Costs of the Arbitration


Waiver, Limitation of Liability


Q & A

Egemen Egemenoğlu

Partner, Egemenoglu Law Firm, Istanbul

Ayça Aydın Süzer

Head of Legal, TEB Finansman A.S. - TEB Cetelem, Istanbul

Cem Veziroğlu

Dr., Koc University Law School - Commercial Law Department, Istanbul

For further information, please contact:

Ceren Çakır

ICC YAF Representative for Turkey