ICC YAAF: Online platforms and dispute resolution in international arbitration

18 Sep 2023

Tegucigalpa Spanish
Start: 16:30 (UTC-6) / End: 18:00 (UTC-6)

ICC YAAF is organising an event as part of the International Symposium on International Arbitration "Arbitration and Its Evolution in Ibero-America, Conflicts, and Current Affairs."


This conference will explore the impact of online platforms and alternative methods of dispute resolution in the field of international commercial arbitration. It will analyse how online platforms have facilitated communication, presentation of evidence, and case management in arbitration. Additionally, the challenges and benefits of using alternative methods such as mediation and conciliation in combination with online arbitration will be addressed. The conference will examine practical cases, applicable regulations, and current trends in the use of these tools in international commercial arbitration.

Topics to be addressed:

  • Digital transformation in international commercial arbitration: the role of online platforms and technological tools.
  • Online platforms for case management and communication between parties, arbitrators, and tribunals.
  • Presentation of electronic evidence and digitalization of documents in online arbitration.
  • Alternative methods of dispute resolution in combination with arbitration: online mediation and conciliation.
  • Challenges of privacy, confidentiality, and data security in online arbitration.
  • Standards and best practices in the use of online platforms in international commercial arbitration.
  • Experiences and practical cases of online arbitration and the use of technological platforms.
  • Future perspectives: the growing role of online platforms and dispute resolution in international commercial arbitration.

This conference will provide participants with the opportunity to explore how online platforms and alternative dispute resolution methods are impacting and transforming international commercial arbitration. Lawyers specialising in arbitration, technology experts, representatives from companies, and academics interested in the intersection of technology and dispute resolution would be the target audience for this conference.

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Tegucigalpa Time


Welcoming remarks

16:40 – 17:40

Impact of Online Platforms and Dispute Resolution in International Commercial Arbitration


Q&A session and closing remarks

Alejandro José Cáceres Lagos

Associate, Lexincorp Honduras, Tegucigalpa 

Sandro Espinoza Quiñones

Arbitrator, Director, Arbanza, Lima

Ana María Rincón

Senior Associate, Rincón Castro, Bogota

Daniela Villafranca Lamas

Partner, Consortium Legal, Tegucigalpa 

Silvia Trejos Zamora

ICC YAAF Representative for Latin America; Partner, Conexa Partners, San Jose


Conference Room UNITEC
2RXG+44Q, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

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