ICC YAAF: Enhancing new arbitrators’ generation in arbitration and ADR in Libya

29 May 2023

Tripoli and Online Arabic
Start: 16:00 (EEST) | 16. 00 (CEST) || End: 18:30 (EEST) | 18:30 (CEST)

Join us online and in Tripoli for this one-day conference organised by the African Chapter of ICC YAAF. We will discuss the challenges of developing and promoting arbitration and ADR in the region and the inclusion of young Lybian practitioners in the field.

Objective/Who should attend?

This conference is aimed at young lawyers and master’s students who wish to learn about the latest developments in arbitration and ADR, including the enactment of the new law and its effects on the practice of arbitration in Libya. It will also be an opportunity for young Libyan practitioners to get acquainted with the dispute resolution and prevention services offered by the ICC, and to be guided and advised for their enhancement and integration in the field of arbitration.

Open to those aged 40 and under, YAAF provides opportunities for individuals to gain knowledge, develop their skills and understand ICC’s arbitral procedure and other dispute resolution services.


What is ICC YAAF?

At ICC, we believe that through training and mentorship, we can mould the next generation of leading international arbitration and ADR experts. Through the ICC Young Arbitration and ADR Forum (YAAF) network, we are able to better inform, connect and inspire young professionals with interests in dispute resolution and dispute avoidance.

Throughout the world, ICC YAAF organises a number of educational and social events that allow young professionals to discover best practices, discuss topical issues, network and create meaningful connections with experienced practitioners. 

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(Tripoli Time Zone)


Welcome Address

  • Halima Al-Bousifi, Minister of Justice, Libya
  • Saad Ben Chrada, Director Libyan Center for International Commercial Arbitration, TripoliAbd Al Raouf Ali Knibij, President, Libyan Bar association, Tripoli


Introduction to ICC YAAF

  • Hend Turki, ICC YAAF Representative for Africa; Lawyer, El Ajeri Lawyers, Tunis


Diagnosis of Arbitration and ADR on the Libyan scene: legislative, academic and contractual practice

  • Ahmed Ouerfelli, Lawyer, Ouerfelli Attorneys & Counsels, Tunis


The dispute resolution and prevention services offered by ICC

  • Mark Demitry, Lawyer, Noerr, Frankfurt


Coffee Break


The inclusion of young Libyans in the field of arbitration: tools to become a professional in arbitration and ICC DRS policy on the integration of young practitioners

  • Farah Beitelmal, Lawyer, IUS + Aequitas Abogados, Madrid


Q&A session and Discussion

Halima Al-Bousifi

Minister of Justice, Libya

Farah Beitelmal

Lawyer, IUS + Aequitas Abogados, Madrid

Saad Ben Chrada

Director Libyan Center for International Commercial Arbitration, Tripoli

Mark Demitry

Lawyer, Noerr, Frankfurt

Abd Al Raouf Ali Knibij

President, Libyan Bar association, Tripoli

Ahmed Ouerfelli

Lawyer, Ouerfelli Attorneys & Counsels, Tunis


In person-attendance:

Ministry of Justice

Route de Fallah

Tripoli, Lybia


Online attendance:

Zoom link will be provided upon registration.

For further information, please contact:

Hend Turki

ICC YAAF Representative

+216 98194180


Participation is free of charge, subject to availability.