ICC Model Confidentiality Agreement

No. P774E

ISBN : 978-92-842-0371-0

Before entering a business transaction, companies of all sizes have to consider how to protect sensitive information by drafting a non-disclosure agreement. As each company tries to build a confidentiality contract in its favour, the process may often cause long discussions, delays and higher transaction costs.

In order to lower the time and efforts spent on negotiations, ICC has developed the ICC Model Confidentiality Agreement and ICC Model Confidentiality Clause. Aimed to assist business people and lawyers who are not necessarily experts on the subject, ICC offers a balanced cross-sectorial model taking into account interests of both disclosing and receiving parties.

Moreover the ICC Models can be used in relation to all kinds of confidential information and a wide variety of business transactions. The ICC Model Confidentiality Agreement and ICC Model Confidentiality Clause provide to industry and commerce a common platform acceptable in different jurisdictions and countries.

In 2016, the ICC Model Confidentiality Agreement and ICC Model Confidentiality Clause were carefully reviewed by the ICC’s Commission on Commercial Law and Practice and particularly by its Task Force on Confidentiality Agreements, to include the latest changes in practice.


The print version of the Model includes a USB key presenting the text of the contract in a user friendly and fully editable format, allowing you to adapt the contract to your specific needs.

If you purchase the digital version (eBook), instead of supplying a USB key we have included a link on the copyright page of the Model so you can download the word version directly and save and edit as needed.

Code ISBN : 978-92-842-0371-0
Weight : 0.2000 kgs
Number of pages : 15
Publishing date : 2016
Language : English
Format in cm : 21*29.7 / Paper version: USB key. EBook: link to the word version.


  • PART I: Introduction 
  • PART II: ICC Model Confidentiality Agreement

-   Parties

-   Preamble



-   1 Definitions

-   2 Definition of Confidential Information

-   3 Obligation to Keep Confidential and Restrictive Use

-   4 Exclusions from Obligation to Keep Confidential and Restrictive Use

-   5 Copies

-   6 Refusal

-   7 No Licence or Ownership

-   8 No Warranty

-   9 No Further Obligations

-   10 Term and Termination

-   11 Survival of Obligations

-   12 Breach and Remedies

-   13 Disposal

-   14 Protective Order

-   15 Good Faith and Fair Dealing

-   16 Dispute Resolution

-   17 Applicable Law

-   18 No Assignment

-   19 Written Form

-   20 Default Rules


  • PART III: ICC Confidentiality Clause 2016
  • ICC’S International Contracts Series
  • ICC at A Glance