ICC Make Climate Action Everyone’s Business Conference

01-13 Nov 2021

Online English
Invitation-only events
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The clock is ticking to make the changes needed to stave off the devastating effects of climate change, and there is an urgent need to translate the aspirations and expectations into concrete outcomes. The "what" – net-zero emissions by 2050 – must now come with a "how.” Policymakers have it in their hands to provide clarity on structural changes, regulatory frameworks and financial incentives that businesses need in order to deploy the billions – even trillions in capital expenditure required to keep the global temperature increase to below 1.5°C and to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

The Make Climate Action Everyone’s Business Forum hosted by the International Chamber of Commerce from 1 –13 November 2021 will catalyse peer-to-peer discussions and frank exchanges between business leaders from small, medium-sized and multinational enterprises representing different sectors and jurisdictions; policymakers leading the UN negotiation process as well as local government representatives and UN agency heads.

This fully virtual Forum aims to bring together 10,000+ participants from over 100 countries and will be organised around five key themes, focusing on critical issues to consider when developing the necessary regulatory frameworks and incentives needed to enable rapid decarbonisation of the global economy.

The platform aims to mimic an in-person experience, facilitating networking, prescheduling meetings, closed door substantive discussions (including BINGO briefings) and plenary sessions. Should circumstances permit, hybrid and in-person elements will also be developed at the COP 26 official venue.

*CET Time Zone

3 November at 17:00

Decarbonizing Transport Emissions by Reducing Empty Miles

hosted by Convoy

4 November at 15:00 

Children and Climate Change is Everyone’s Business

hosted by UNICEF

9 November at 14:00 

Launch of the Low Carbon Roadmap for the Global Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry

hosted by the International Fertilizer Association, the International Energy Agency and the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development


Value change sustainability: Making business sense of Scope 3 emissions with Carlsberg and the Carbon Trust

hosted by Carbon Trust and Carlsberg


Developing ESG Programs for Small and Mid-Sized Companies

hosted by Chambers Ireland and Movado Group


Understanding Ecological Threats to Global Peace and Resilience (English)

hosted by Institute for Economics and Peace


Understanding Ecological Threats to Global Peace and Resilience (Spanish)

hosted by Institute for Economics and Peace


Reducing Transport Emissions through Eliminating Empty Miles

hosted by Convoy


Night-friendly lighting in companies as a contribution to climate protection (an example from the Dark Sky Reserve Rhön/Fulda)

hosted by Fulda Chamber of Commerce


Demystifying the Consumer Belief-Intent Gap

hosted by Ipsos and ESOMAR


Supporting SMEs to take Climate Action

hosted by International Chamber of Commerce and Sage


How technology can accelerate green ambitions in the Middle East

hosted by Bee'ah


On the Horizon: Business-led Ocean Solutions to Climate Change

hosted by World Ocean Council


Flightpath to Net-Zero Emissions in Aviation

hosted by ATAG


Not Enough CO2 Available for the Largest Circular Project in the Nordics?

hosted by Ragn-Sells


Local Action, Global Goals – How Hawai‘i’s private sector is making progress on the Aloha+ Challenge and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

hosted by Hawai'i Green Growth Local2030 Hub


Case study: How finance and technology can drive sustainability through supply chains

hosted by Barry Callebaut, International Finance Corporation and Demica


Enhancing Global Governance to Address the Climate Crisis

hosted by Integrity Initiatives International and the Climate Governance Commission


Insurance Impacts from Climate and Extreme Weather Events

hosted by J. S. Held


Prevention of Marine Litter and Mitigation of Climate Change in the Caribbean Sea. A joint effort of public and private actors in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Colombia

hosted by CEGESTI


Regulatory Roadblocks on the Way to ESG Heaven

hosted by Dentons


Entrepreneurship for Climate Mitigation and Resilience

hosted by SEED


Lessons Learned from Panama, Suriname and Bhutan: A framework for becoming carbon negative

hosted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Panama


Aligning Trade Rules to Meet Climate and Environment Goals: The UK Experience

hosted by ICC United Kingdom


Adapting to the decarbonised market of the future: Innovations from industry and key developments in financing and international trade

hosted by Corrs, Chambers, Westgarth


Removing and storing carbon: How companies can support responsible forest management as a tool to limit climate change to 1.5°C

hosted by Inter-IKEA Group

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Sabrina Klayman

External Affairs Advisor