ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin - 2022 Issue 2

No. E22BUL2

ISBN : 978-92-842-0636-0

Message from Claudia Salomon, President of the ICC International Court of Arbitration

  • Global Developments: News from Colombia, the United States, Hong Kong, India, France, and Ukraine
  • Commentary:

“Diversity in Action” by Mélanie van Leeuwen
“Who Decides? Judicial Review of Arbitral Jurisdiction in the U.S. and Germany – particularly under Article V(1)(c) of the New York Convention” by Andreas Frischknecht, Greta Körner and Alex Lupsaiu

  • ICC Commission reports: Pierre Mayer’s keynote speech entitled “Corruption and Arbitration: Recent Developments in French Case Law” at the meeting of the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR in March 2022
  • ICC Activities: Reporting on the ICC MENA Conference and ICC Institute advanced training on Dispute Boards, the ICC Court’s Belt & Road Initiative Commission, a YAAF event on “How to Match Arbitration with Businesses’ Expectations”, and a synopsis of the Webinar “Top 10 Tips on How to Make an Award Work: Lessons from the ICC Scrutiny Process”
  • Book reviews: Overriding Mandatory Rules and Compliance in International Arbitration, ICC Institute Dossier XIX, edited by G. Affaki, V. Khvalei; Clear Path or Jungle in Commercial Arbitrators' Conflict of Interest, edited byF. Dasser; Due Process as a Limit to Discretion in International Commercial Arbitration, edited by F. Ferrari, F. Rosenfeld, D. Czernich
Code ISBN : 978-92-842-0636-0
Number of pages : 79
Publishing date : 2022
Language : English
Format in cm : 21*29.7

Claudia Salomon

Message from the President..... 5

Julien Fouret and Yasmine Lahlou

Welcome from the Editors-in-Chief.... 7


Rafael Rincón

Colombia: Supreme Court Strengthens Private Party Autonomy in Adopting Rules for Conducting International Arbitrations.... 9

Charlene Sun, Elena Rizzo

United States: D.C. Circuit Finds that Foreign Court’s Order Setting Aside Award Has No Bearing on District Court’s Jurisdiction.... 13

Chiann Bao, Queenie Lau

Hong Kong: First Instance Court Clarifies Limitations to Iura Novit Arbiter.... 16

Antonia Birt, Arthad Kurlekar

India: Offshore Arbitration for Indian Parties – A Comment on the PASL

Wind Solutions Case and Its Potential Impact in the Middle East.... 19

Sarah Monnerville Smith, Gabriel Bulteel

France: Supreme Court Confirms Impact of International Sanctions on the Validity and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards.... 23

Maryna Saienko

Ukraine: Adoption of a New Law Regulating Mediation.... 29


Mélanie van Leeuwen

Diversity in Action.... 32

Andreas Frischknecht, Greta Körner and Alex Lupsaiu

Who Decides? Judicial Review of Arbitral Jurisdiction in the U.S. and Germany — particularly under Article V(1)(c) of the New York Convention.... 40


Pierre Mayer

Corruption and Arbitration: Recent Developments in French Case Law.... 51


Susan Munro, Robert 

ICC Court’s Belt & Road Commission: Going Forward.... 55

Ten Tips on How to Make an Arbitration Award Work: 

Lessons from the ICC Scrutiny Process.... 57

Gabriela Lopez Stahl

ICC YAAF: Top Ten Tips on How to Better Match the Arbitration Process with Businesses’ Expectations.... 62

Dr Helena HC Chen

ICC Institute Advanced Training on Dispute Boards.... 65

Reshma Oogorah

10th ICC MENA Conference on International Arbitration.... 68


Manuel Tomas

Can International Arbitration Stand the Test of Mandatory Rules and Compliance?.... 72

Hyewon Lee

Arbitrators’ Conflict of Interest: Perspectives from Users, Institutions, and State Courts.... 75

Professor Dr. Walter Doralt, Dr. Brooke Marshall

Discretion Meets Due Process in International Commercial Arbitration.... 78


Julien Fouret 

Yasmine Lahlou 


Editorial Board 

Christian Albanesi 

Stavros Brekoulakis 

Farouk El-Hosseny 

Karina Goldberg 

Imad Khan 

Sara Nadeau-Séguin 

Damien Nyer 

Olena Perepelynska 

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Michele Sabatini 

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Leyou Tameru 

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Antonia Birt

Gabriel Bulteel

Dr Helen Chen

Professor Dr. Walter Doralt

Julien Fouret

Andreas Frischknecht

Greta Körner

Arthad Kurlekar

Yasmine Lahlou

Queenie Lau

Hyewon Lee

Mélanie van Leeuwen

Gabriela Lopez Stahl

Alex Lupsaiu

Dr. Brooke Marshall

Pierre Mayer

Sarah Monnerville Smith

Susan Munro

Reshma Oogorah

Robert Pé

Rafael Rincón

Elena Rizzo

Claudia Salomon

Maryna Sayenko

Charlene Sun

Manuel Tomas