ICC BASIS workshop - Internet Governance Forum: Global crises, responsible data responses

09 Nov 2020

Online English
11:00 - 12:00 UTC time

The COVID-19 pandemic raised important questions on the role of data in global crisis situations. In the wake of the crisis both public and private organisations launched data sharing initiatives to pool pandemic-related information and help mitigate the crisis. These initiatives have also brought to the forefront considerations on data protection and security as well as privacy and human rights concerns regarding the use of personal data.

These conversations are not new. Similar discussions arise in the wake of major environmental and humanitarian emergencies, with important considerations on how data can help predict, prepare for and mitigate such global crisis situations.

This workshop will address how collaboration through responsible data-sharing could provide organizations (both public and private) around the world with access to the variety, quantity and quality of data to enable further progress in all areas, including research, new products and services, as well as policy development.

In this session, we will discuss how data sharing can provide relevant tools for prevention and management of such a global crisis. How can we encourage all stakeholders to cooperatively put data to work for the benefit of all? What are the risks involved? What barriers are holding stakeholders back from engaging such initiatives?

Organizations that are interested in the possibilities of sharing data responsibly and selectively with others, need to consider different models to share the benefits of data as well as the degrees of openness in data-sharing, while enabling compliance with applicable regulatory concerns such as privacy and security. What policy and technical tools are needed to enable this? How can we encourage a broader and more holistic discussion with different stakeholders on data collaboration?

Those questions and many more will be addressed by speakers from across stakeholder groups and geographies.

Mila Romanoff (Moderator)

Privacy Specialist, Data Policy and Governance Lead, UN Global Pulse

Rudolf Gridl

Head of Internet Governance and International Digital Dialogue, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Germany

Carolyn Nguyen

Director, Technology Policy, Microsoft

Nnenna Nwakanma

Chief Web Advocate, World Wide Web Foundation

Christoph Steck

Director, Public Policy & Internet, Telefonica

Timea, SUTO

Knowledge Manager




Knowledge Assistant