Digital Export Enablement Programme for small businesses in Southeast Asia

06-30 Feb/Apr 2023

Online English and local languages

What the programme offers

 You are a small business owner who would like to expand internationally, but you don't know where to start. You know about the power of digital marketing, but you don’t know how to seize its full potential.

 Learn about the Digital Export Enablement Programme (DEEP) provided by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Google and the International Trade Center (ITC). It offers trainings, access to digital platforms and practical workshops to small businesses throughout Southeast Asia to help them sell their products and services across borders reaching the world’s biggest economies.

The programme is free of charge. The training sessions for trainers will be held in English, while the training for SMEs will be hybrid. In addition, a self-learning online course in English is available. 

Who can apply

Small businesses eager to benefit from the programme

To be eligible, you must

  • be a micro-, small- or medium-sized business of up to 100 employees;
  • be located in one of the ASEAN countries (Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam);
  • have at least one online business marketing channel (website, marketplace store, social media account);
  • have a strong interest in exploring markets in the ASEAN region and beyond.

While content will be tailored to businesses selling products, service-oriented businesses are welcome to participate.

Why apply as a business

You’ll join a network of ambitious entrepreneurs and leading experts and benefit from:

  • coaching on how to do market research to identify and compare trade opportunities;
  • an online self-learning e-commerce course tailored to small businesses;
  • access to a global e-commerce platform with free learning resources;
  • coaching on digital marketing for a selected group of 150 businesses;
  • access to Google ads credits and/or google consultation support for eligible SMEs
  • a certificate from ICC, Google, and ITC, upon completion of the programme.

How to apply

Interested businesses can apply by completing the form available here.

E-commerce and digital marketing experts interested in coaching

The programme is open to experts in e-commerce and digital marketing. They will receive training on the DEEP curriculum to gain the knowledge and skills to train small businesses participating in the programme.

To be eligible, you must have

  • at least two years of experience in e-commerce, digital marketing or related fields;
  • experience in analysing export markets and working and interpreting trade-related information;
  • an advanced level of English and be fluent in one of the local languages;
  • prior experience in coaching or training, preferably of small businesses.

The ideal trainer also

  • has excellent oral and written communication skills, diplomacy and presentation skills, and the ability to work in a multicultural, diverse environment;
  • can work independently and adapt their training strategies to the specific needs of businesses in their countries.

Why apply to be a trainer

You'll become part of a network of experts trained by Google, ICC and ITC and benefit from:

  • a remuneration for your coaching activities as part of the programme;
  • training on market research;
  • training on a unique digital marketing methodology;
  • a certificate from ICC, Google, and ITC, upon completion of the programme.

How to apply

Interested trainers can apply by completing the form available here

What experts/trainers will learn
What small businesses will learn

The curriculum is designed based on the main challenges and opportunities identified in a survey on MSME Digital Exports in Southeast Asia conducted by ICC and Google and published in 2022.

Programme for experts/trainers

Format: online


Topics covered:

  • Google Market Finder, a tool to identify potential new markets around the world
  • Market analysis clinic
  • Digital marketing methodology


Small businesses will have the chance to explore the full journey behind digital trade from identifying and comparing trade opportunities, understanding market access conditions, exploring trade finance options and the Incoterms governing contracts to sharpening their skills in digital marketing and successfully growing their business through e-commerce channels.

Programme for small businesses

Format: hybrid (group trainings will be held in person; all other sessions will be online)


Topics covered:

  • E-commerce
  • Best practices shared by successful Asian entrepreneurs
  • Selecting the right online channels
  • Optimising online sales channels
  • Market analysis
  • Digital marketing

To be announced soon


The venues and exact training dates will be announced soon.


English and local languages of Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam


Interested trainers can apply by completing the form available here

Interested businesses can apply by completing the form available here.

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