Arbitration: An Overpass for International Dispute Resolution

10 Oct 2020

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In May 2020, China, the European Union and 17 other WTO members established the Multi-Party Interim Appeal Arbitration Arrangement (MPIA). In August, the MPIA arbitrator pool was successfully established, providing a good interim solution to the plight of the WTO Appellate Body.

"Arbitration is a defender of peace". As an effective dispute settlement method, arbitration has wide applicability and flexibility. WTO members regard arbitration as an option to reform the appeal mechanism. International investment arbitration is undergoing multilateral reform under the efforts of UNCITRAL Working Group III.

International commercial arbitration is also being self-optimized and updated under the leadership of various arbitration institutions, including ICC International Court of Arbitration.


Opening Remarks




Round Table Meeting




Closing Remarks

Mingchao Fan

Director, ICC Arbitration and ADR, North Asia, ICC International Court of Arbitration, Shanghai

Zhijin Huang

Legal Expert, International Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai Representative Office, Shanghai

Athita Komindr

Head, UNCITRAL RCAP, Incheon

Zhao Sun

Deputy Director of Department of Treaties and Laws, MOFCOM, Beijing

Jingzhou Tao

Independent Arbitrator, Beijing

Guohua Yang

Arbitrator, WTO MPIA

Professor, Law School, Tsinghua University

Executive Vice President, WTO Law Research Society of China Law Society, Beijing

Lei Zhang

Director, WTO Asia-Pacific Training Center, Shanghai

Ms. Vera He

Executive Assistant


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